Success Stories Part II: Siya Maleki and the Importance of Feedback

" seems like you guys always go out of your way to help aspiring actors like myself.”

Stop right there. Take a break from whatever starving artist activity in which you are participating at the moment. That bologna and rice cake sandwich you are trying not to drop on your keyboard will be there for you when we’re done. (Side note: if you are, in fact, eating bologna, cut that out. The …


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From the CIT Vault – What To Do During Holidays

Use holidays to take stock and regroup

Though Memorial Day is only a short holiday, but the lesson is valuable still.  Pro actors make the most of their down time.  What will you do this holiday weekend? It’s a little known fact that practically all of Hollywood shuts down during the holidays. If you’re an actor, this means that there isn’t going …


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BE PERSONAL IN YOUR WORK II – Creating Character

Creating a character begins with the writing and being a “Detective”

In Adam’s last Blog he began to lay out the road map for deep personalization in your acting work.  Part II discusses Creating Character. Creating a character begins with the writing and being a “Detective”, finding everything that is available to you, given to you and implied by the writer. However, there is another step …


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"being ‘general’ in your work is death to the actor."

Perhaps the most important internal work an actor can do, to build upon the imaginative, creative work one must do to create a profoundly moving performance for an audience to witness, is to attach his or her self – his or her own real life – in a deeply PERSONAL way – to the events, …


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From the Cast It Blog Vault: Self-Recording Auditions: Advanced Tips


As we see the quality of self-tapes and the quantity of self-tape opportunities both increasing, we thought we’d re-enforce some old tips on making sure that you are delivering the best self-tape and giving yourself the best chance to book that gig. We’ve already written several articles about how to “self tape” for auditions. Not …


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Knowledge and Power: Take Control of Your Online Presence

So don’t just sign up. Sign up and show up.

We’ve talked a lot on this blog about tools you can use to direct your own career. But while it’s easy to list steps we could all be taking to boost our presence, sometimes taking those steps can be harder than it sounds. With a sea of online resources geared toward actors, how are you …


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From the Cast It Blog Vault: Finding Representation for Your Child


Acting as a child can be both the best path to success as an actor and also the path to great heartache.  Choosing the right agent to lead your child and your family through the labyrinth of Hollywood can make all the difference.  Take this advice from a Hollywood Casting Professional: In this post, I’ll …


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