The Art of Good Listening (And Why It Gets You Hired)

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There is a reason we call them “scene partners.” Every scene is (or should be) a fully functioning partnership. It all boils down to one thing: listening. Good listening will make a scene worth watching, bad listening is a death knell. It is insidiously easy for actors to get so involved in our own acting […]


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7 Tips to Speed Up Memorization


Whether you’re in a cold read or stepping in to an unexpected role, there are times when you will need to memorize lines at lightning speed. Below are some tips to help you get in the fast lane. Read through the material. Scene or feature length script, it’s always a good idea to get a […]


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Ryan Gosling Used Cast It Talent To Find His Lead Actor!

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We don’t usually like to toot our own horn, but when someone as talented as Ryan Gosling uses Cast It to find actors for his directorial debut it’s too exciting not to share! Over 700 Casting Offices log in to Cast It every day to upload, view, and share actor audition videos.  Cast It was developed […]


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The Conjuring II: Casting Review

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It is great to see the entire Casting process unfold. Earlier this year we had an open call for for the character Janet in The Conjuring II. After going through thousands of submissions, Madison Wolfe was selected to play the role of Janet! Madison’s audition video was submitted through Cast It Talent, and now she has a major motion picture under […]


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Five Qualities Of A Successful Voice Over Artist


In the last few years, the demand for voice over talent has skyrocketed. Every day, thousands of hours of video are published online by amateur and professional videographers, publishers, marketing agencies, and businesses. As video creation and distribution has become ever cheaper, content that once would have been written is now recorded. That’s great news […]


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How To Deliver A Winning Personality Slate

Don't cut corners on your Self-Tapes

In the video accompanying this article you will see 2 young acting students from 3-2-1- Acting School in Los Angeles demonstrate what I like to call the “Personality Slate.” As you know the “slate” is what actors use to introduce themselves when auditioning for TV and Film acting roles. Why is a great slate so […]


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Don’t Think Twice – Casting Review

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“Your twenties are about hope. Your thirties are about how dumb it was to hope.” There’s a window between the quarter-life crisis and the mid-life crisis that I like to call the 30-something career crisis. This is defined as the moment in your life where you have decided what you are being pulled towards but […]


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