How to Write an Acting Cover Letter

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Are you trying to convince someone to hire you? Of course you are! You’re an actor! You have essentially entered into a tacit contract to continue begging people to hire you on a daily-to-bi-weekly basis for the remainder of your existence. As per this agreement, you will have to get creative about the methods used …


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“Untitled Feature” Online Search Opens


Mackey/Sandrich Casting, in association with Cast It Talent, is calling for self-taped submissions for two child actors to appear in a new Untitled Feature Film. The roles being cast are an Eastern European Girl, age 9-12, and an Eastern European Boy, age 6-8. Children auditioning MUST be fluent in an Eastern European language (e.g., Polish, …


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Dear Actors: We Are on Your Side!

Real People Audience: Adults Children Spectators Sports Enthusia

One of the most popular comments that I hear from actors is that they are “surprised”‘ to find out that Casting Directors are rooting for them. The audition room can be an intimidating place; you walk into a (very often cramped) room filled with competitors, you go into an office where complete strangers are staring …


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“American Honey” Online Search Reopens


The role of STAR in the online search for American Honey has reopened. Casting Directors Jennifer Venditti and Lucy Pardee, in coordination with Cast It Talent, and are calling for self-taped submissions for an actress to appear in the new feature film. The production is looking for a Caucasian actress to play an 18-year-old who …


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How to Pass Like a Pro: Part II

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In Part I, we discussed the general use of passing and how it’s commonly used to turn down projects or certain steps of the casting process. However, the uses of passing doesn’t end there, and knowing when to strategically pass can literally alter the trajectory of your career–for better or worse.  Advanced Passing Mechanics When …


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“Pete’s Dragon” Actor Search

Pete’s Dragon

Casting Director Debra Zane, in association with Cast It Talent, is looking for a child actor to star in the upcoming Disney film Pete’s Dragon. The role being cast is the lead role of PETE, a child who “looks as though he’s part of the forest . . . he has lived in the forest …


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The Do’s and Don’ts of Meet and Greets

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If you are searching for an agent, meet and greets and open calls are necessary evils we must all learn to love. Perhaps some of you out there thrive on the adrenaline rush of wedging yourself into a fluorescent-lit room full of hundreds of edgy actors sweating out their crippling insecurities. Maybe the broken air …


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