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Randy Buescher is an internationally recognized expert in non-classical vocal technique. He is also well known as a clinician, author, vocal therapist, and researcher. His clients have won Tony Awards, Dove Awards, and Emmys, have been nominated for Grammies, and been American Idol finalists. He has also worked with artists from every major label.  He has presented and been a speaker for the Voice Foundation, NATS, Naras, and the Broadway Theatre Project, along with various universities, high schools and other institutions. Learn more about Randy at

The ABC’s of Vocal Health


Sometimes our voice does not work the way we want it to. It will feel tired, hoarse, be lower in pitch than normal, or have a different quality. There are several reasons this can happen. One common issue is reflux. Reflux occurs when the lower esophageal sphincter and upper esophageal sphincter are too relaxed. This […]


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Randy Buescher Answers YOUR Singing Questions!


Q: I often deal with phlegm and morning voice.  What causes that? A: Many people complain about phlegm and blame it on allergies. Are allergies the culprit when it comes to this? Usually not. Allergies usually produce post-nasal drip, where as phlegm is most likely the result of reflux or hydration issues. My suggestions are […]


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Actors Should Study Singing


For over 20 years I’ve taught voice and artistic development to professional actors, aspiring actors and young people.  They have gone on to major musical theater programs, to star on Broadway and large touring companies, become major label recording artists, starred in movies and TV and won major competitions.  I currently have three students on […]


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