A new Australian feature film directed by PJ Hogan (Muriel’s Wedding, My Best Friends Wedding, Peter Pan and Confessions of a Shopaholic) and starring actress Toni Collette.
Looking for 5 girls aged between 12-17 to form a very special and unique family. Film shoots in Australia. You MUST be an Australian resident to submit an audition.
16 years old. As the oldest sister and about to become a woman she is trying to find her place in the world. She is constantly googling on the internet looking for symptoms and self diagnosing her mental condition ... More ...
15 years old. MICHELLE is frightened of the world and spends a lot of time in her room with sad eyes staring into middle distance. Unlike her sisters who are very outgoing and confident and proud of being 'mental' ... More ...
14 years old. Finds most days to be repulsive and has diagnosed herself as autistic by looking it up on google. She has a downbeat personal - wears black - could be going through a goth phase ... More ...
13 years old. Is cocky and confident but has diagnosed herself (with the help of google) as a sociopath - which is really a convenient cover for her rudeness ... More ...
12 years old. Jane is rather vain. Blessed with luxuriant long flaming red hair in which she takes great pride and care. The youngest and also the prettiest in the family. She is secretly popular but doesn't want ... More ...
To submit your audition, follow these steps:
1. Select your role
2. Download and read the audition taping instructions and scene / sides provided
3. Read and follow the video uploading ( Mac and Windows instructions )
4. Tape your video
5. To submit:
Thank you for your interest but the production is no longer accepting open call submissions for these roles. This open casting call was hosted by Cast It Talent and Cast It. You can be included in the database that studios and casting offices use everyday to get casting done by joining