LEAD / Taemin

(20-35) Korean male in mid 20s. While vacationing in Minnesota, Taemin’s lack of English skills gets him locked up because he is not able to claim his innocence when his girlfriend disappears. With a little bit of luck, Taemin is able to escape jail. He’s determined to find Minji, to reunite with his girlfriend and prove his innocence, but his path is full of obstacles with hostile locals and a town sheriff who believes he is guilty. Eventually, he finds Minji. But she’s married to a local, speaks perfect English and claims to have never seen Taemin in her life. Regardless, there is only one way out of this place. And that is with Minji. Angry and frustrated, he kidnaps Minji but now that they’re reunited, they have to fight for their lives to return to their reality. (MUST BE ABLE TO SPEAK KOREAN FLUENTLY AND NATIVELY AS WELL AS SPEAK ENGLISH WITH A HEAVY KOREAN ACCENT.] - The role of TAEMIN will shoot around 21 days.

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