Actor to play a character seen in his mid-teens, Black Nigerian who grew up in Greece, Giannis is strong and tall (seeking actors 6’3” and more... taller), and his athleticism is about to explode. He lives with his family in a quiet, hidden corner of Greece, but will soon emerge upon the world stage. He has spent his life in the shadow of his older, taller brother Thanasis, but they are about to switch places. Under pressure from his coaches to be more nimble, and more quick, Giannis absolutely masters the craft of basketball, and soon becomes so quick that an impossible dream appears to be within his desperate grasp: joining the elite members of this year's NBA draft pick...LEAD less...


Actor to play a character seen in his early teens, Black Nigerian who grew up in Greece, all heart and happy-go-lucky, tall (seeking actors more... 5’11” and taller), Giannis is the younger brother of Thanasis, and he stands in his brother's (literally) long shadow. Shorter and not as obviously gifted as Thanasis, Giannis has not yet reached his maturity, and he works extra hard at basketball – always remaining two long steps behind his big brother. Giannis is not afraid of hard work, and he pushes and pushes his body to master the craft of basketball -- until one magic day, something clicks and Giannis morphs from a skinny, inexperienced young boy to an "AWESOME" young man...LEAD less...


1. Please SLATE on camera FIRST, clearly stating your NAME, HEIGHT, AND WHERE YOU ARE LOCATED and then a full Body Shot. Then please tell us a little bit about yourself. This can be 1-2 minutes.  Also please tell us about your experience with playing basketball if you have experience with playing basketball. Just to get an idea of who you are, also tell us about the last time you cried. Please have your tape uploaded as one tape.

2. Please make sure you are in a Well Lit Room and make sure the Sound is Clear.

*Please be aware that, in the event you are cast in this Picture, you may lose athletic amateur status and/or may not be eligible for Olympic, intercollegiate, and/or other athletic competitions and/or scholarships and/or other “amateur events.” 

Any other company or web site promoting or charging actors to submit their self tape or video audition is not approved by the casting director or Cast It Systems.Please send an email to if you know of any other web site claiming to be accepting auditions for this project.