Cast It Lite Features:

- Project will be posted to Cast It Talent and will be available to our membership base of over 100,000+ actors.

- Receive submissions in Cast It that include high quality headshots, demo reels and resumes. Submissions come to a separate area within the project for you to view, sort, organize, and if you like any, add them to the project.

- Users can create cast lists, corkboards, view actor profiles (headshots, resumes, etc), IMDb resumes, schedule auditions, make notes and more.

- The ability to upload slides and have actors submit video auditions directly to you. If you choose to upload sides to the role, you can encourage that submissions include a self-taped audition.

- A custom url will be designed to provide a hub for marketing and PR efforts. This URL can be posted to Facebook, Craigslist, printed on flyers or posted anywhere. This way actors outside of the Cast It Talent member base can upload headshots, videos and resumes directly to your Cast It account.

- The ability to send out email video requests to have actors upload their reel or even their video audition directly to you.

- Free Online Training Tutorial. Learn how to use the same site that all the major Casting Directors in Hollywood use.

All job postings and Cast It accounts are subject to Cast It Talent approval and will be posted on CastItTalent.com after review within 1 business day.