When to Butt Heads and How to Live with It


Seeing as acting is ultimately a highly collaborative venture, it is important to maintain good working partnerships. No one likes a diva, or working with someone who sucks all the time and energy up with their personal concerns, rather than working for the good of the whole. But there are times (especially with non-union work) […]


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5 Mantras Every Actor Needs


A career in acting is filled with the kind of soul-crushing frustrations, insecurities, disappointments, and hardships that will make you want to burn down your life, move to Canada and join the maple syrup mafia. (Don’t do this but do look it up. It is fascinating and alarming).    If you’re in it for the […]


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How to Nail Adapted Works


Remakes and adaptations, always popular, are enjoying a particular resurgence with the advent of live-action Disney remakes. But even if you’re not dancing across the silver screen in the latest Renaissance revival, adaptations of classic works are ubiquitous. When dealing with the pressures of bringing beloved and well-traversed stories to life, certain challenges arise. How […]


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Make it Sparkle: Why Talent isn’t Enough in the Audition Room and What to Do About it


It’s a hard truth of the acting business that talent will only get you so far. Unfortunately, talent is only one of many, many factors that play into the casting decisions. Some of them you can control, some you can’t. But today we’re focusing on that elusive quality that makes you pop once you get […]


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How to Avoid Going Stale


There are many reasons an actor might start to feel “stale” in a role. Long runs, repetitive days on set, lack of feedback, or good old-fashioned insecurity are just a few of the many common triggers. It’s a horrible feeling. You suddenly feel disconnected with the character, the audience, yourself. If left unchecked, staleness can […]


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How to Nail a “Bit Part” and Why You Should Care


Bit part, walk-on role, day player…we have so many ways to describe our briefer experiences on stage and film. Yet they are often afforded less brain space and respect than the meatier roles we encounter. Today I’m here to champion the “bit part” and spread my enthusiasm far and wide. There is just as much […]


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Learning to Mourn: An Actor’s Salvation


I remember the first time I had a professional project shut down. It was a bucket list role for me. It was with a theatre for whom I had worked many times before. When I got the email that the rights had been pulled, and the project was unceremoniously cancelled without ever seeing the light […]


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