CIT Casting Review: Inside Out

love and family: the forever foundation of the delightful films created by Pixar

**Caution: May Contain Spoilers** Pixar is showing its true colors with this summer’s groundbreaking, heartfelt and deeply moving animated feature Inside Out. This is a story that lingers well after you leave the theater, sparking personal reflection and endearing childhood memories. Peter Docter, director and creator of the story, based this flick on real-life encounters …


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Who Am I? (Character Development) – Adam Lazarre-White – 1 Minute Acting Lesson

Who Am I?: Character Development - 1 Minute Acting Lesson 1

Cast It Talent is proud to introduce a new learning series focused on a professional approach to acting: Acting Truth by Adam Lazarre-White. Adam has been teaching acting in Hollywood for well more than a decade.  Before that and still today, he is a successful actor, working in projects that range from important Theatre productions to …


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Breaking Out of a Creative Rut

while it may be ferociously frustrating, a rut needn’t be interminable

Creative people love to create. We find joy in producing, in inventing, in devising and composing and imagining. We live for the feelings this creating gives us, and for the feelings engendered in ourselves and others as our creations reverberate off an audience. But what happens when a creative person finds themselves unable to create? …


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CIT Guest Blog – Nurture Yourself And Find Your Hidden Talent

Actors need to constantly be working on material that excites them.

I get calls from Hollywood agents and managers all the time asking me if I feel a certain actor has talent. Very rarely do I say, ‘no’ because most actors have talent. I remember Stella Adler once said, “You have to have a talent for your talent,” which means: do the work. Everyday fulfill the steps you need to take that will …


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How to Harness the Power of Social Media for Your Acting Career

Never has the up-and-coming actor had so much personal power and control!

Everyone is familiar with the concept of marketing yourself in acting or any other pursuit through your Facebook page or Twitter or any number of apps and sites, but here I’d like to delve a little bit deeper into social media and talk about some of the ways in which the savvy actor can use …


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7 Things You Need in Your Professional Arsenal

(Your tools) need continual maintenance, makeovers, and care.

Hi, actor friends! You know those times, (maybe a lot of the time), when you feel like you just don’t have your, erm…stuff together? Do your colleagues always seem one step ahead, just a smidge more profesh? Luckily, when that happens, there are a couple helpful things you can remember. One is that, especially when …


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Flash Back Friday – Auditioning: Artistic Advice


Editor: As Episodic season starts, we thought we’d jog your memory as to how to get ready to deliver the best possible audition.  Don’t miss your chance to be the Right Actor for the Right Job.  Follow Adam Lazarre-White’s advice.  LA Actors are lucky enough to be able to take his class here in Hollywood. …


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