Easy Choices to Flesh Out Physicality: Part 1

Portrait Of Happy Woman Flexing Her Muscles

If you’ve ever gotten a note on physicality, you might know the existential frustration that accompanies such vague proclamations as “you look sort of tense” or, “Your general movement is a bit peculiar, did you know that?” And while most notes on physicality will hopefully be more helpful that these, the fact remains that different …


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Cast It Talent Delivers Star For Ryan Gosling’s Directorial Debut

I found (Iain) on this site called Cast It Talent, where you don't need an agent to audition for parts

Cast It Talent members and actors at large often ask, “Are casting directors watching my video?”, “Can I submit to projects outside of my local area?”, “Can I get work when I submit to projects on Cast It Talent?”  Even after submitting your videos it can often seem like no one is paying attention. Sometimes, …


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Casting Review: Furious 7

Furious 7 Casting Rev

* CAUTION  - MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS**  Very few action film franchises have accomplished what the Fast & Furious franchise has since the first film, The Fast and the Furious, debuted in 2001. Although it’s all too common for Hollywood to churn out sequels and spinoffs of successful films, very rarely do you see seven iterations …


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Thinking of Submitting to Cast It Feedback? Here are some pointers for FBF!

Don't cut corners on your Self-Tapes

How to Self Tape Like a Self Taping Genius I once watched a tape of a woman who, instead of performing the sides, decided to perform a monologue from Mommie Dearest. She did not get the part. Now, I’m sure you don’t make such cockamamie gaffes, but nonetheless here are some tips to make sure …


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Unpredictability can be dangerous

1. – Charm  – Stanislavski discusses “an Actor’s Charm” in, An Actor Prepares.  The element of someone’s bearing that makes them “the life of the party”, or “interesting” or a “leader” is most often their Charm.  Everybody’s Charm is not the same, some Charm is goofy, some is ironic, some is direct – there are …


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What To Do When They Don’t Want To Pay You

Know that you deserve to be paid

There is something everyone should know about working in the arts. Once you make the decision to devote your life to acting (or, indeed, nearly any artistic endeavor), you start pumping out a distinct set of pheromones that broadcast a single message to the rest of the world: I am a person you don’t have …


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Flash Back Friday! Starving Artistry: An Actor’s Survival Guide

Starving Artists Guide

Once, while working as a teacher for a local theatre company’s educational outreach program, a couple other instructors and I were holding a Q&A session. When prompted for questions regarding the lives of professional actors, a student asked the group at large, “are you rich?” and I laughed out loud. While this was not my …


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