No Time For Slacking

The summer months are traditionally slow for theatrical casting. Television in on hiatus. Feature producers and casting directors take vacations. Things don’t necessarily come to a screeching halt, but they aren’t moving at the fast pace found during the other seasons, and certainly not at the pace of pilot season. That doesn’t mean actors aren’t busy. There are still plenty of things to be doing to further your career.
For one thing, with traditional TV seasons falling out of fashion in favor of shorter seasons and cable television, there are often TV shows casting for their next season. Certain premium channel shows, like those on Showtime or HBO, cast their seasons on a reverse schedule as network television so there are auditions to be had during the summer now, when it used to be dead.

Additionally, web stuff is going on all year round. The summer is a great time to put your energy into getting web auditions, booking a web series, or creating your own content and building your brand yourself.

Summer is also a great time to work on the organizational things you may not have time for otherwise. Get updated headshots, get involved in showcases and theater, network, and submit yourself to agencies looking for new clients. Acting is about finding the right opportunity, and opportunity is about knowing the right people. So get out there and meet people.

There are still plenty of ways for you to push your career forward. Summer may be slower in Hollywood but that doesn’t mean it has to be slow for you.

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Taylor Reid

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