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Cast It Talent has paved the way for progress, bringing the casting industry into the digital age. Actors should consider the incredible value in investing in their careers. It’s a simple formula: the more time and energy invested, the more success that results. Similarly,actors must consider their financial investment in their careers, and figure out how to make their money go the furthest.. The cost of headshots and reels add up, and you have to find the best  platform in which to display these collective works of your art and talent. After all, why spend all that money on your headshots and reels if you are not putting them to use and making sure they are seen? You must look for a way that guarantees the greatest chance of exposure to casting directors and filmmakers. Through extensive research, personal experience, and trial and error, I have come to find that Cast It Talent’s premium membership is the ideal investment for furthering your acting career. With a premium membership on Cast It’s website, you not only have access to huge open calls; you also have a platform on which to display your representation, any media articles about you, your résumé, reel, photos, etc. Not only is it affordable; it is simple to use and reaches thousands of industry professionals looking for their next star. Cast It does this in a way that no other online company can. First, you have space to upload an unlimited number of headshots, photos and résumés, up to 1 Gb of storage for reels and other videos, the ability to submit a 500 MB video, and unlimited access to the latest in open calls, available online submissions, and upcoming projects. Plus, you are added to the actor directory for every casting director in the industry to search for you and view all of your information.

The reason that Cast It Talent is unique to all other websites is that it is not just for actors. Directors, producers, agents, and castingdirectors have accounts as well, and use the Cast It actors’ directory to browse for potential stars for their current or future projects. Casting Directors use Cast It Talent’s sister site, Cast It Systems, every day to upload and share audition videos with directors, producers and studio executives. You know when you go on an audition and the casting director records you on that small Sony video camera? Chances are, once you leave, that video is uploaded to Cast It Systems and then shared with the directors and producers on the project. If you are a member of Cast It Talent, you can control the headshots, résumés, and other videos that are attached to your audition video. That way, not only do the directors and producers see your audition video, but you’re going to stand out because they can see your professional headshot, résumé, and demo reels, as well.

With the premium membership with Cast It Talent, you are granting casting directors a key to discovering you and your talent. Additionally, you are making their lives easier by uploading your headshot and résumé for them . . . and making your casting director happy is never a bad move. If you are not posting your information on a legitimate promotional website, you are not taking the appropriate steps to furthering your career. How else could a directory of thousands of top casting directors witness your talent? Cast It Talent has helped many actors get discovered by casting directors that would have otherwise never known their  abilities, let alone their names.  Though Cast It started out as a way for Casting Directors to organize audition session lists and upload videos, it has expanded to become the leader in online open calls for independent projects, studio features, and commercials. In fact, over 600 casting offices worldwide use Cast It (a partial list of the casting offices that use Cast It can be found here). Cast It also holds calls for actors for their own company projects, such as Cast It commercials and talent searches. 90% of films out today use or have used Cast It to find talent. Check out a partial list of movies and series that use Cast It. Plus, Cast It has proven itself with large-scale success more than any other platform (See past articles “A Cast It Success Story: Parts 1 and 2”). If that is not reason enough to sign up with their website, I do not know what is.

It comes down to taking the initiative to furthering your career. No one wants you to be successful more than YOU. Therefore, take the reins and make it happen for yourself. Taking control of your acting career  by signing up with Cast It Talent will produce results. So get out there, sign up, and start uploading!

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lauren began her casting career as an intern for Sarah Finn Casting on films such as Captain America, Cowboys & Aliens, TRON: Legacy, and Faster. After her six month internship, she returned for her final semester of college, where she went on to become a casting director in Wilmington, NC on various independent films. She also spent over a year as a casting assistant with an independent casting director and acted in multiple films. She is currently working with Marcia Ross & Erin Toner Casting and also works as an actor and in production.

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