Covering It Up: Your Character’s Inner Life vs. Outer Life

The cliché is, “Play against the scene.”  It is not always true.  But where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

There is tremendous wisdom in that statement or directive.  If you are supposed to have a fight in the scene, try not to fight and then let the writer (you know he will), and your scene partner force you to lose your temper, and have the fight.  Watching people struggle with obstacles is what drama (and comedy) is all about.  To watch you try not to fight–and then finally explode, will be exciting.  It creates TENSION in the scene.  If you are supposed to end up crying with your brother about the death of your mother, “fill up” with a pain that is very personal and very provocative for you, and then try to cheer him up, try to be strong, try to push the pain away.

Even if you are totally successful in preventing the emotion from spilling out, it will be a beautiful rehearsal or “take” or performance.  We are all human and we will feel your pain through your laughter or your strength, or your “cover”.

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