Variety and Unpredictability in Performance

Break down the “BEATS” of each scene to understand your smaller varieties of objectives/intentions, which are all attached, like little magnets, to the Primary Intention or “Super Objective”. The “Super Objective” is the main, powerful magnet which “pulls” you through the story.  Rocky wants to be somebody, not a bum.  Luke wants to find adventure his father and his destiny.  Jessica Chastain wants to find Bin Laden in Zero Dark Thirty.  You want to inspire him.  You want to seduce her.  If you don’t want to be a “one-note” actor with a boring, predictable performance, EXPLORE a variety of actions in each scene as the means to the ends you desire; to achieve your primary intention.  Try different ones out.  See how they feel.  See how they change your dialogue and emotional life from beat to beat, moment to moment, transition to transition.

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