“Woodlawn” Online Search Begins

Casting Directors Elizabeth Barnes and Corbin Bronson, in coordination with Cast It Talent, is calling for self-taped submissions for an athletic actor to star in the new feature film Woodlawn. The role being cast is TONY NATHAN: “Male, 18-21, African-American . . . [an] incredibly talented athlete, who has grown up . . . in the midst of horrific racial tensions and strife . . . intelligent, observant, thoughtful, and grounded . . . [A] young man of extraordinary athletic ability coupled with keen intelligence and moral strength.”

The film will be shooting in Birmingham, Alabama. Filming will begin on November 3rd, and will go for approximately 7 weeks.

Deadline to submit is October 2nd, midnight, PST.

Those interested and who meet the casting requirements can visit the website www.woodlawnmoviecasting.com and submit a self-taped audition using the instructions provided.

Existing Cast It Talent members can also choose to submit through the “Roles” tab in their profiles.

There is no charge to submit your audition for this role. No other roles are open to the public at this time, and no drop-in or telephone inquiries will be taken.
 For more information, please visit www.woodlawnmoviecasting.com



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