Cast It Talent Delivers Star For Ryan Gosling’s Directorial Debut

Cast It Talent members and actors at large often ask, “Are casting directors watching my video?”, “Can I submit to projects outside of my local area?”, “Can I get work when I submit to projects on Cast It Talent?”  Even after submitting your videos it can often seem like no one is paying attention.

I found (Iain) on this site called Cast It Talent, where you don’t need an agent to audition for parts

Sometimes, however, amongst all the little successes: being cast in shorts, webisodes, or theater productions, there is a big win.  Based in Glasgow, Iain De Caestecker was quietly building a career in the UK.  He was submitted through Cast It Talent for one of the leads in Ryan Gosling’s first directorial effort, which was originally called How to Catch a Monster and later renamed Lost River.  The film was being shot in Detroit, half way across the world from Glasgow and Iain certainly did not grow up with an American accent and he had no guarantee that his video would be watched.

Despite long odds and great distances, Iain won the role and is now starring in Ryan Gosling‘s Lost River.

Who says, no one is watching?

Cast It Talent also gives one little clue to actors who submit to projects on the site.  It isn’t always what you want to see and hear but when you log in to your Cast It Talent profile and look at the icons for your video files, there is a small indicator below your file showing a “>” and a number.  That indicator tells you how many times your video has been viewed in increments of 5.  If your video has been seen more than 5 times you will see “>5″, if more than ten times, “>10.”  That will give you some indication of which videos you have posted are the most compelling.  Add that to Cast It Talent Feedback, where you can get real feedback from Cast It-Certified Casting Pros, and you can really start to hone your acting and your self-taping skills.

Now log in and start submitting to one of our Cast It Talent Roles!  You never know.

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