The aforementioned qualities in my recent blog, entitled:  “SIX ELEMENTS of  A STAR”, in a person, or in an Actor, are exactly that:  qualities.

An Actor LIVES a part through specific CHOICES

“Qualities” are the RESULTS that we as Audience Members enjoy in other Actor’s performances.  However, the Actor should NEVER ‘play’ a “Quality”.  The Actor NEVER ‘plays’ a “Result”.  “Result Oriented Actors” have no bottom – nothing real or “truth – full” underneath what they do.  They tend to wear their character, hanging on them like a cheap suit, whereas the true artist, the deep actor courageously ‘embodies’ a part, fitting snugly into all the personal folds and specific hand-tailoring of their own personally, well-made suit.  That “fit” comes from investigation of the truth, research of the truth, deeper understanding and original choices of context, motivation, and pathology.  It is fostered by the bravery to allow what is personally true, honest and organic, in the moment, to BE and exist – rather than the need to ‘play’ a pre-determined ‘result’.

The Actor creates a character with CHOICES about specific history, specific needs, specific desires, specific flaws, tastes, obstacles and specific physicality – among many other things.  Then the Actor ACTS.  He or she does actions – takes actions to fulfill intentions to achieve his or her needs – within the specific circumstances, informed by all the CHOICES that have been made earlier.

Simultaneously, the Actor responds TRUTHFULLY to the “Moment” with whatever is ‘organic’ and appropriate to that particular person, at that particular time.  An Actor LIVES a part through specific CHOICES about everything the Actor can think of, and through utter availability to the truth of the “Moment” with his or her scene partner and the environment.  He or she GOES THROUGH THE PROCESS OF ‘LIVING’ A PART.

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