Knowledge and Power: Take Control of Your Online Presence

We’ve talked a lot on this blog about tools you can use to direct your own career. But while it’s easy to list steps we could all be taking to boost our presence, sometimes taking those steps can be harder than it sounds. With a sea of

So don’t just sign up. Sign up and show up.

online resources geared toward actors, how are you supposed to know which to choose? What features are worth it? So you join Actors Access, you check the emails, you submit now and again. And still…nothing. Yeah, it’s discouraging. It feels like another brick wall, especially if you’re new to the business or still seeking representation. The good news is you have all the tools you need to put a wrecking ball-sized hole in that wall. The key is to understand those tools and how to use them.

So let’s take a closer look at how to manage your online presence more effectively. As an example, we’ll start close to home, with Cast It Talent.

Cast It Talent is connected to Cast It Systems, used by most casting offices and studios in Hollywood. (For an overview, visit their membership page).  Like many similar services, Cast It offers a basic version for free. Great start!

Basic Free Members enjoy, among other things:

  • An online presence and media storage

  • Unlimited headshots, photos and resumes

  • A professional web page

 The difference between this and flying solo with your own website à la Weebly or your IT friend (which can also be great if they actually finish it) is exposure. Industry professionals rely on sources like Cast It to provide them with an organized talent base. The old “any press is good press” platitude is both true and false: yes, you want as much exposure as possible and the more extensive your online presence the better chances you have of getting noticed. But at the same time, it’s good to be prudent about choosing your tools, because different sources have different reputations. Start with something established and trusted, and figure out how to use it.

Pro Actor Tools

The Pro version of Cast It Talent goes more in-depth. It comes at a cost of $19/month or $15/month for the annual subscription, so let’s take a look at the advantages:

  • Gig Finder: these are the roles available on the website

  • Priority Submissions

  • Direct access to the inboxes of more than 600 casting directors worldwide

  • Feedback: for $10 per submission, you can upload a performance clip and get direct feedback from a casting professional. This is incredible. You would otherwise be putting your firstborn in hock to pay for classes to get anywhere near this level of professional advice. Knowing how you look on the other side of the table is the only way to grow).

  • Showcase: submit a self-tape from anywhere to compete for feedback from a panel of Hollywood professionals and a $500 prize, plus the huge boost in exposure.

  • Casting offices can import your profile directly

Congratulations! You are now familiar with the basics of one of the many online tools for actors. The good news is, in this day and age, you don’t have to be in New York or LA, you don’t have to have representation, you don’t have to have oodles of experience, to start building the foundation of your career. Or, you can have all those things and still profit from taking control of your own opportunities!

As long as you’re savvy enough to understand the tools at your disposal, and committed enough to work with them, you have a solid start. So don’t just sign up. Sign up and show up. Submit, resubmit, upgrade if that’s right for you, get feedback and adjust. It’s a virtual wilderness out there, and we should aim to be able adventurers. Tally ho!

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Rachel Rachel Frawley is an actor living in Atlanta. She holds a B.F.A. in Theatre from Michigan State University (with cognates in Music and Professional Writing) and is an Apprentice Company graduate from the Atlanta Shakespeare Co. She also works as an education artist for local theatres, which have included the Shakespeare Tavern and Aurora Theatre. For more information, visit her website at