Intentions, Actions, Obstacles: 1 Minute Acting Lessons by Adam Lazarre-White

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 11.48.05 AMCast It Talent is proud to bring you a new learning series focused on a professional approach to acting: Acting Truth by Adam Lazarre-White.

Adam has been teaching acting in Hollywood for well more than a decade. Before that and still today, he is a successful actor, working in projects that range from important Theatre productions to Major Hollywood feature films.  You have also been able to read Adam’s acting advice in our Cast It Talent Blog.

Cast It Talent is proud to introduce a new way to learn from Adam. We will be posting a new Acting Truth: 1 minute Acting Lesson every week. The fourth lesson, Intentions Actions Obstacles,  urges the actor to figure out what the character needs and what is stopping them from getting what they need. This creates a multi-layered character, which is essential to great acting.

Each week we will post a new Acting Truth: 1 Minute Acting Lesson from Adam on the Cast It Talent Blog. If you want to know more about Adam’s teaching method, his class in Hollywood, or you want to be able to learn at home at your own pace, visit

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