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It’s about being the person that’s impossible to forget

It’s about being the person that’s impossible to forget

When one, Wm. Shakespeare wrote “All the world’s a stage,” the internet wasn’t even yet a shadow of a thought of an idea. It was a simpler world, in many ways—particularly for an actor. Show up to the theater, audition for a role, impress the right people, and presto, you’re on stage declaiming cunningly crafted monologues for enamored audiences.

But it was a smaller world, too, a world  in which even the most talented actor was limited by physical access to the right people and the right theaters. This is no longer the case. Through the wonders of the internet—not to mention the industry access and knowledge of Cast It Talent—actors have access to casting agents and companies around the world. The question is: Are you going to make the most of that opportunity?

We’re not just talking about headshots and a professionally-formatted resume. If you’ve taken the time to register an account with Cast It Talent, the odds are that you’ve already got the fundamentals figured out. We’re talking about taking that extra step to give your profile that little extra something to help casting remember you. Because it’s not just about being talented or having the right look. It’s about being the person that’s impossible to forget, even if a casting director or director can’t fully articulate why.

For that we’ve got .ACTOR—a new domain that helps you tell the world who you are and what you’re about. It also enables you to personalize your Cast It Talent profile to give you that added boost of uniqueness and memorability that’s so essential to landing your dream role. With a .ACTOR domain name, the web address for your profile will read It’s a seemingly small modification that requires just a few minutes to register, but to the casting director who spends countless hours perusing endless profiles with the generic .COM tail, that .ACTOR web address is a brief moment of respite, of something innovative and fresh, that will warrant a second look.

And, because you’ve got enough on your plate maintaining headshots and resumes and hustling to auditions, and because they want to be a part of your success story, Rightside—the registrar that owns .ACTOR—is offering a special deal of a $12 registration to Cast It Talent clients.

If all the world’s a stage, you’ve got to boldly claim your space on it, leaving no question of your profession and skill set, and no detail unattended.

Click here to stand out from the crowd with your own .ACTOR domain!

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