Who Am I? (Character Development) – Adam Lazarre-White – 1 Minute Acting Lesson

Who Am I?: Character Development – 1 Minute Acting Lesson 1

Cast It Talent is proud to introduce a new learning series focused on a professional approach to acting: Acting Truth by Adam Lazarre-White.

Adam has been teaching acting in Hollywood for well more than a decade.  Before that and still today, he is a successful actor, working in projects that range from important Theatre productions to Major Hollywood feature films: http://ow.ly/OX8kH   You have also been able to read Adam’s acting advice in our Cast It Talent Blog:http://ow.ly/OX8FN

Cast It Talent is proud now to introduce a new way to learn from Adam.  We will be posting a new Acting Truth: 1 minute Acting Lesson every week from Adam.  The first lesson focuses the actor’s attention on one crucial question: “Who Am I?”  What are the questions that an actor can answer for themselves in preparing for every role and every scene they will play?  What are the elements in ourselves that we should always be mining for a richer, more layered portrayal of a character, no matter the medium.

Each week we will post a new Acting Truth: 1 Minute Acting Lesson from Adam on the Cast It Talent Blog.  If you want to know more about Adam’s teaching method, his class in Hollywood, and for those who want to be able to learn at home at their own pace, visit http://www.actingtruth.com/


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