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Poster WebCast It Talent is pleased to present our FIRST EVER advice column. Readers, meet Amy!

Amy Lyndon is a Celebrity Booking Coach, CEO and Author of “The Lyndon Technique: The 15 Guideline Map To Booking.” She has 40+ Series Regulars, an Emmy Winner, an Imagen Award Winner and 1000’s of Working Actors around the globe all using her Technique. She’s also an Award Winning Actress, Director and Writer currently with 91 IMDB credits and was the CEO – Personal Manager of Gold-Levin Talent for 9 years.


Dear Amy,

I don’t have many credits on my resume.  What should I do?

What you need to ask yourself is, if anyone were to turn over my picture and look at my resume, would they be engaged by my uniqueness to ask a question?  Never be ashamed of your accomplishments.  If you can whistle through your nose, write it down as a skill.  You never know what casting is looking for. If you speak languages, have unique dialects, play professional ball or have CPR training, write it down.  Anything that’s special about you can get you noticed.  Focus on your Training/Special Skills section and beef up your theatre credits as much as possible.  If you are interesting, people will be interested.


Dear Amy,

I am at my wits end.  I want to help my Daughter to achieve her goal of being a great actress.  My Husband and I have done everything we can, we moved here to CA so she could be near the action so to speak and after 5 years she is still struggling.  We have had bad agents/managers with bad advice.  We have had the best agent with no action there either.  They all know she has talent but because she looks different, not bendable she is harder to push they say.  She has Casting Director‘s tell her, “You are the best person we have seen today,” yet no callbacks because of her looks.  It is really starting to wear on her because it is always wait, wait, wait… of course she knows this is the business and have accepted it but I am just wondering how is she supposed to book anything if she is not getting out there?  How do I make sure she is getting the exposure, submissions etc?   We have a manager who is supposed to be one of the best and she does represent star kids, but never time for us.  I think she does not have time to push my Daughter (as from a business stand point I understand, then why take her?)… But, I just don’t know what to do! Thank your for your advice!


Hi Terrie.

You have some valid points.  To help give you some solace, you cannot consider it 5 years when she hasn’t been represented properly that whole time.  If she is with the “best” then you need to develop a better relationship with your reps. Take them out to dinner and come up with a game plan to get her out.  If in fact they cannot get her out, then it is time to move on.  I am positive that there are agents and managers out there who will spend a lot more time and energy helping develop her career.  Also remember that a career spans a lifetime, it’s not like a job.  It takes a real job to hang in there.  Tenacity and information is key.  If it’s not working, change the team.  You can additionally send her out through all the websites yourself. If she loves to act, then she needs to act in anything that will get her tape and exposure on the independent circuit.  Always remember that action relieves anxiety.


Dear Amy,

How do I get out of doing extra work and get into principal paying jobs?  I feel like I’m a gerbil on a wheel that keeps spinning and I don’t know how to get off.

First thing you need to do is get a job that’s industry related.  This does not include extra work.  Then, go on as many auditions as possible from ads in periodicals and word of mouth.  Build your credits and your reel, and then look for representatives that believe in you.  When your auditions get in the way of your survival job, find a night gig and continue to work on as many projects as possible in addition to whatever you book through your Agent or Manager.  Always remember, your rep only gets 10% so, you need to assume that they only work 10%.


Dear Amy,

My name is Kayley Jolly and I am from Amarillo Texas. I am 13 years old, and my dream is to become a REALLY BIG actor, but nobody thinks I can do it because I live in Amarillo, do you think its possible? Also I would LOVE to take acting classes from you if I lived in LA, which is another dream for me, I love LA. Are there any tips that you could give me to help me get a job in LA or be noticed? Or any acting tips? That would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for your time.


Kayley Jolly

Dear Kayley.

You need to hook into what is going on in Texas.  It might be a good idea to contact the film commission there to ask them questions about production companies and talent agencies in your area.  You can also attend local theatre groups to get some plays under your belt.  When you are of age, apply to a great drama department in NYC or LA and you can get your degree in the performing arts while at the same time audition for film and television.

Also, if you come to LA, I’d love to be your coach.  It truly is a full commitment and an exciting journey. Good luck.


Dear Amy,

First I would like to say that it is extremely good of you to offer advice to those of us who are acting challenged.  My name is Stacy, I am 19 years old and I live in the Akron area of Ohio. Since I can remember I have always had a burning sensation inside me to act. Acting was never a choice for me, though.  My father would say it’s just a phase and I’ll grow up someday, I’ve been in that phase all my life.  I am a manager of a Subway and I’m attending college to be a paralegal.  I’m not doing any of this because I want to; I’m doing it because I feel like I have no other choice.  My question being, how does someone like me, whom has neither money nor traveling time, even begin in the field?  I know this is something 

that I can do, and very well, all I need is the chance. Unfortunately, I can’t find that chance.


Dear Stacy,

It sounds to me like you do have a choice.  Why are you attending college and not taking any drama classes along with your paralegal classes?  If you’re not making enough money at the Subway, then take on two jobs.  Do whatever it takes to get the training that you need to pursue your dream.  If this seems unrealistic, then wait until you graduate college, then move to an area where you can get a job as a paralegal while pursuing your lifelong passion. Save your money and get out to LA.  Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Good Luck



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