Ask Amy: October 15th, 2015

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I’m 18 and I try to get roles … unsuccessful. I don’t have a showreel and that’s also a reason I don’t have an agent. I tried to write to casting directors but I never hear something back. What can I do to finally be cast for a film?

First of all, you need to learn how to pay your dues. Right now you’re just half a shoe in a whole shoe store. You need to do student films and/or go to a place to put together a creative reel that looks like you’re already on a Television Show. You need two contrasting scenes that are directed and shot beautifully. You’re not being considered because you don’t have a demo reel. Your submission is at the bottom of the pile. Why would a Casting Director, an Agent or Manager want to bring you in if you don’t have your business package together? It shows them how you do business. You need a comprehensive package… one that matches your talent. You never want to be an A+ Actor with a C- Package.



Thanks for giving us this chance to contact a person like you. I have really good and creative ideas about some tv game shows or movies. I would like to know who to contact to let related people know about my ideas.

You need to get a job with a Television Company that does Game Shows and/or Movies on the Production Assistant or Intern level to learn how it works. Start making connections with Companies. Make sure you’re writing Pilots and writing loglines where each character will be in it for 5 years. Also take a Production and a Television Writing class at an extension program like AFI or UCLA. Learn what a “bible” should look like for each show in order to pitch it. Like everything else, you need to put in the work to get the work.


Hi Amy

I am a 16 year old actress from South Africa and I’ve got two questions. First I want to work internationally and not just in South Africa, but I don’t know how to go about it and secondly I would like to know that is it easier to get cast when you are younger rather than older. Thank you for reading this.

Work in your Country and become a well know Star there… then you can write your ticket to anywhere in the world. It’s never the age… it’s always the dream. You are only limited by your own limitations.


Love you!

What can an actor do in their downtime to directly progress their career besides videos, blog, etc? I have a good idea of what types I can play, but how do I decide what my “brand’ is?


Make sure you’re a member of IMDBpro because then you can see who has your job on Television. Look at their stills from the show. If you don’t look like you’re on the show, you won’t be on the show. Model yourself after what already works.



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