Ask Amy: October 1st, 2015

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No matter how much times I send my resume out, I still can’t find a reply from an agent? I have experience being in a feature film that will be released in theaters in October. I have training as well but what is wrong with me? What can I do differently?

Your resume is probably still reading as “Development.” The best thing to do is to keep working and getting roles on your own and keep improving your resume with Series Regulars in Web Series and more Starring and Lead roles in Feature Films. This will get you more credits, footage, a lower meter on IMDB and possible film festival recognition. Stop thinking that having an agent is the only way to make it. They get 10% so they do 10%.  Keep working and sending out notices of your work and they will find you.


Hi Amy,
What (or where) would you say is the best place to network with other filmmakers/casting directors from an actor’s perspective? Many thanks

It seems that the only way to meet filmmakers is at film festivals. Regarding Casting Directors, you can do SAG-AFTRA free panels, Casting Director Workshops and put feelers out for Industry Parties. Of course there’s also social media, but unless you’ve met before, it can be awkward and obtrusive.
Hi! My name is Raymond, I’m from Puerto Rico and I’m interested in being an actor. I’ve being in the industry as extra over a year now, but my plans are getting to Hollywood or Atlanta (which is booming)… I know I need my preparation. Any advice?

Find out what is happening in Puerto Rico first. Book jobs there and build your resume before coming to Hollywood or Atlanta. Extra work is a great way to learn the set, but it’s not a way to learn how to become a principal actor. Contact the film commission and see what is filming in your area and also check out your local Universities with Film Departments.


Hi Amy,
I am currently a new actor and have been in this industry for 8 months. My question is, apart from CCP and Starnow, how do I increase the chances of getting more auditions booked for TV and Film? Now that I have two credits under my belt for commercial and short, do I purchase a book called ‘Contacts? Or do I contact Casting Directors from the Actors yearbook? I’m currently being represented by my agent from a company called Quillan Talent Agency, but I don’t want to depend on my agent to find auditions either.

Join,,, and of course and get going. Submit yourself. Make sure you have a demo of any sort on there or else you will be way down on the list being considered for any role.


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