Showcase Winner Interview: Winifred Atinuke Fashakin

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 3.55.25 PMLadies and gentlemen, we have another Cast It Talent showcase winner! If you haven’t checked out our previous winner features, do yourself a favor and start tuning in. Success stories do not merely shine a light of hope down the tunnel of frustration and rejection, they are also an excellent way to help us re-assess and restructure. So here’s the skinny on showcase winner Winifred Atinuke Fashakin. Prepare to be inspired!

Winifred’s story, which started in Nigeria, took a turn in 2009 when she came to the U.S. At first pursuing modeling, Winifred soon made an about face and by 2014 was in her senior year at Emory University Nursing School. “This was really when I realized my true passion for acting,” she remembers. “I embraced this and accepted that I did not just have one passion…While I was in nursing school, I was able to take acting classes and was also able to get little experience of what it’s like to actually be behind cameras through being a movie extra.”

Movies especially held allure for Winifred. When asked what attracted her to acting in the first place, she said, “A person can find motivation just from watching a movie, a movie can help give more voice to a topic or to the voiceless, a movie can help uplift a person’s mood…This is what I want to do with my life, make positive impacts and use creativity to build a positive environment.”

Winifred brought more to her passion than a positive outlook. Since setting her new career goals, she has worked tirelessly to acquire the correct training, taking classes on film acting technique, modeling, and commercial acting in both L.A. and Atlanta. When she came across Cast It Talent in her research, the showcase represented a fresh hurdle. “[Cast It Talent] is a platform on which a lot of people like me can get noticed doing what they love. I was very excited when I found out about the monthly showcase…Cast It Talent gives aspiring actors/actresses a chance, which is what made me submit; I saw it as a chance, lo and behold I won.”

Though thrilled to have won the showcase, Winifred’s efforts do not end here. Always looking for new classes to take, Winifred has now set her sights on gaining as much on-camera experience as possible, and is working hard to find an agent. Additionally, she started her own YouTube channel ( ), where she posts weekly. She continues to pursue nursing, and hopes to one day hone her skills as a writer as well.

At times, acting can feel all-consuming, but Winifred is a perfect example of how actors can strive to be well rounded without sacrificing aspects of their passions. In acting, nursing and writing, Winifred found three things in life that inspired her. She has already had a generous measure of success in the first two, and with her dedication and clear-sightedness, I have no doubt she will find the third in her future as well. So amidst all the rejection and discouragement we actors must necessarily face, let Winifred’s story, like those of other showcase winners, be one more voice that says: “If she can do it, I can too.”


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