Your Monthly Inspiration: Tim Mason Scott, October Showcase Winner!

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 1.59.07 PMIt’s that time again! Time to learn from success stories, and remind ourselves that even though we have all chosen a career with the lifeblood of rejection pumping fast through its veins, there remains that elusive cocktail of determination, talent and resourcefulness that can spur us on to our own tales of triumph.

Today’s champion of the October Cast It Showcase hails all the way from Australia. Tim Mason Scott began his forays into the wonderful world of acting in 2013, while pursuing his Bachelors of Arts (Behavioural Science). Acting had not been on his radar, but a friend suggested an acting class at the National Institute of Dramatic Art. The bug bit, and from then on Tim had found a new application for his psychology studies.

Tim lost no time getting his act together. He joined StarNow and signed with an agency. Here he discovered that this particular agency leaned heavily toward extra work. Tim supplemented this with short films and music videos, and at the end of the school year, he dove into full time acting. This was soon followed by commercial successes, independent Australian features, including ‘The Lives We Lead.’ (Available on DVD in the U.S through TLA releasing).

“I feel as though the projects I’ve worked on this year have really pushed my acting skills to new heights as I have had to push myself mentally and emotionally to portray the characters authentically,” Tim reflects. He is working hard to keep his game sharp: in addition to striving to update his reel, Time is taking Master Classes to keep his technique strong.

It was through this tireless self-betterment that Tim stumbled across Cast It Talent. Once again, one of Tim’s friends had his back. This friend, a user of Cast It, suggested Tim check it out and submit. Tim did so just in time for the October showcase. “[I] thought why not? I like to seize all opportunities, so I filmed a scene and uploaded it. I love the simplicity of the submission tools and it allows me to see what castings are occurring worldwide.”

Clearly it worked out for him. In many ways, Tim’s determination and hard work echo the words of so many other showcase winners and success stories. But what catches my eye when reading Tim’s acting origin story is his open mindedness. Had Tim chosen not to listen to his friend back in 2013, he would never have taken that class that changed the course of his career. Had he ignored his second friend’s advice to submit to Cast It, he would never have entered the showcase. When it comes to acting, so much is subjective. Young actors can be saturated and overwhelmed by the wealth of available advice. Filtering through this is important, but equally important is to remain aware of possibility. A nudge in the right direction can come from any source. We just have to be open to trying new things, and once we find the right path, we must commit to it as relentlessly as Tim did. That is how Cast It Showcase winners are made. I suspect that is how stars are born.


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