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Poster WebWhat should you do if you can’t connect with your character? Wondering what educational endeavors you should include on your resume? Amy answers these questions and more on this week’s Ask Amy! Each week Amy answers your questions here! Do you need acting technique tips or career advice? Send them here:

Amy Lyndon is a Celebrity Booking Coach, CEO and Author of “The Lyndon Technique: The 15 Guideline Map To Booking.” She has 40+ Series Regulars, an Emmy Winner, an Imagen Award Winner and 1000’s of Working Actors around the globe all using her Technique. She’s also an Award Winning Actress, Director and Writer currently with 91 IMDB credits and was the CEO – Personal Manager of Gold-Levin Talent for 9 years.

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I have a great opportunity to work on a project with a talented director. However, I am having a lot of issues connecting with my character. Every time I try to be authentic, it feels slightly forced. What can I do?? 
Guideline #4 from my 15 Guideline Map states, “Map out your emotions in the beginning middle and end of the story. If this is not clear, expect to lose your audience with your one note. Sit with each feeling until it becomes a deep connected one.  If you’re having trouble connecting, close your eyes and locate a similar feeling you can connect with and lay the line on top. Ask yourself, ‘What am I feeling? What am I REALLY feeling?’ NEVER RUN LINES! JUST FEELINGS! If you run lines, it will sound like lines run.”
The truth is… you’re not marinating enough on how you truly feel. Get your fingernails dirty. Get down underneath it. You’re probably just scratching the surface and leading with the dialogue, not the feelings. Feel free to get my book here:
Hello my name is Lila Jonas I’m 14 and acting is my passion but I’m from BelgiumIs it really possible for me to get a career in USA and how can I do that?
Have a nice day
Lila Jonas
Make it work for yourself in Belgium first. Book work and build your resume and your demo reel with recognizable credits or scenes with stars from your country before you move here. Make sure you save up at least 3 years worth of money to truly focus on building and creating a career before you move here. Good luck on your journey! Hope to be welcoming you to LA LA Land soon. In the meantime, learn the craft from my courses online – use the promo code Lyndon15 to get 15% off.
You can also learn about the craft and the business and get a free week here:
Hi Amy!
I have a Bachelors degree in Art History and a master’s degree in business administration. Should I put these on my acting resume?
The only time that’s applicable is for commercials because they love real people doing real things. As for a theatrical resume, well you can have an additional category at the bottom of your other special skills and training to indicate that you’re great with business. It would read:
Additional:  Art History Afictionado, Business Administrator (Masters)
Make sense?

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