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iStock_000020633749_SmallWe often get questions from actors who are, in particular, submitting to talent searches. Perhaps they don’t have anyone to read with or they don’t feel confident reading in front of someone because this may be their first attempt to record a scene. Though it may seem scary to ask someone it is important to find that reader to work with you because the performance you give can be significantly enhanced through your interaction with another person or reader.

When you’re auditioning it may seem like the most important thing about your performance is the way you say the lines. But equal to that, and sometimes more important, is how you react, listen, and connect to the reader. When you go on an audition, you never know what kind of reader you’re going to get so you have to be prepared for anything. It also means that when you’re taping an audition, you need a reader with you. You can’t read the lines yourself and you can’t just pretend someone else is reading them and get the same effect. They don’t have to be a good actor but you do need someone there. Just the eyeline alone can be incredibly helpful in creating a real moment for yourself.

Also, keep in mind that the lines that the reader is reading provide you an opportunity to listen and engage. It’s not just a time for you to think of your next line, or freeze, it’s your chance to show how present you are in that scene.

So the next time you audition, even if you’re a seasoned pro, take a moment to make sure you’re listening. The casting director is.

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