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ATTENTION, Cast It Talent Members!

We have several Talent Searches running right now for all kinds of actors Worldwide.  Right now we have opportunities for:

  • A deaf, 12 year old caucasian actress for Director, Todd Haynes’ new feature film Wonder Struck
  • Teenage and twenties boys for a STEVEN SPIELBERG feature: Ready Player One, based on the book
  • Male and female children for the new Netflix Lemony Snicket TV series: A Series of Unfortunate Events – ONLY ONE MORE DAY TO SUBMIT – January 28 at Midnight this Search closes!
  • African-American and Hispanic/Latino actors and hip-hop dancers for Baz Luhrmann’s new Netflix series: The Get Down

Click on the film Titles for links to sides and instructions for each of these Talent Searches!  As always, submission to any Talent Search is FREE!

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Wonder Struck is seeking a Caucasian female, aged 11-13 who is deaf or hard of hearing. No acting experience is required, but this is the lead of our film, so there is a significant time committment required.

ROSE:  is a 12 year old girl living in New Jersey in 1927. She does not know ASL, as this is a period drama. She ventures into New York City, alone and determined to find her silent movie star mother. She is brave, strong and very bright.

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Ready Player One is seeking:

WADE WATTS: 18-19 yrs old, male, clean cut with a sense of humor, overweight or underweight. A sincere and passionate player in the Oasis. Not the most confident guy outside the Oasis, but Wade gains boldness & nerve as his worlds collide. He uses his skills & the support of his friends to rise above each challenge.

SHOTO: 10-13 yrs old, male, to play Chinese, hip & knowing for his age. He speaks MANDARIN AND English FLUENTLY. Wade’s friend in the Oasis who joins with him to complete the competition. Please note: Actor should be bilingual: Mandarin and English (Applications must be submitted by parent or legal guardian if applicant is under 18 years of age).

DAITO: 20 yrs old, male, to play Japanese. Speaks JAPANESE AND English FLUENTLY. One of Wade’s friends in the Oasis who joins with him to complete the competition. Please note: Actor should be bilingual: Japanese and English.

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Lemony Snicket: A Series of Unfortunate Events is seeking:  ONLY ONE MORE DAY TO SUBMIT – January 28 at Midnight this Search closes!

VIOLET: Female, 11-14-years-old – a young, not-too-mature 14-year-old. She is self-confident, capable and smart beyond her years. She helps her brother and sister solve problems with her skills as an inventor. She is the eldest and a natural leader of the group. (SERIES REGULAR)

KLAUS: Male, 10-13-years-old. He is the middle child in the family. He’s very smart and is a voracious reader. He loves books. He is charming. (SERIES REGULAR)

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The Get Down is seeking:

MALES: 18-21 years old, African-American or Hispanic/Latino

FEMALES: 18-21 years old, African-American or Hispanic/Latino

HIP-HOP DANCERS: Male/Female all ages/types


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