Could You Improve Your Acting Based On Pro Feedback?

Cast It Feedback Facebook sqFeedback and constructive criticism is crucial to improvement. How can actors improve upon themselves as actors if they are blindly submitting to roles?

Cast It Talent offers Feedback opportunities that are helping actors to hone their craft all over the world. ANYONE can submit, and Casting Professionals from Warner Bros., MGM, ABC, FX, HBO Films, Universal Television, and many more are giving their honest, constructive Feedback.

This service is not available through any other website! When submitting for Feedback, an actor is receiving advice personally on their scene work rather than simply submitting for roles without knowing how each performance is received.

Persistence, professionalism, and the ability to make changes to your craft, based on the Feedback you receive, are essential to your growth as an actor. This ability distinguishes a true professional, and that is what we at Cast It Talent strive to bring you – all of the materials you need to develop your skills, and present yourself and your media in a professional manner to the hundreds of Casting Offices using Cast It every day. So put yourself out there! You’ve got nothing to lose.

Cast It Talent Feedback

  1. Record and upload your performance / audition video or scene from your demo reel (Must be 7 minutes or less)
  2. A casting professional, who is currently working on a studio feature film or television series, will be providing feedback directly to you
  3. Feedback consists of an overall performance rating, as well as a paragraph of written comments from the casting professional

Here is what Cast It Talent Members have been saying about all the Feedback they have received:

Greetings and thank you for your feedback. I will definitely take note of that to ensure that I present myself in the best way possible. I appreciate you and all that you do. -Yesse R.

Thanks for all the good advice, I will definitely apply the things pointed out, much appreciated. -Rob F.

I agree, when I saw that scene it felt theatrical, not small enough for  the camera. Those two scenes are what I have to work with. I was cast in a made for TV movie and those scenes when available will be put in my demo. Should I remove the first scene, or does it still show a range of character?
Thanks for the insight, truly appreciated. -Brian B.

Do you want Feedback from a Casting Professional? Submit HERE!


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