Filmmakers Use Cast It Talent To Find Their Cast

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 3.01.39 PMCast It has revolutionized the casting industry and the way that actors submit their self-tape video to Studio decision-makers. An actor is no longer required to live in Los Angeles or New York to pursue an acting career.  Self-tape submissions have made the world as small as clicking “send” and sharing your audition video anywhere at any time.

  • Director is in the middle of shooting a current project on location?  No problem.
  • Decision-makers are located around the world?  Share video and control viewing permissions from one central point.
  • Can’t find that one actor who will turn your script to magic?  Cast It has run dozens of Global Talent Searches.

But Cast It Talent’s services don’t end with video submissions to major Studio projects.  Filmmakers and casting offices who are outside the Majors can post their projects and roles on our website for free to immediately begin receiving actor emails that include a professionally designed profile page with the actor’s media: headshots, resumes, demo reels, self-tapes, etc.  For those filmmakers or casting offices that want a greater level of functionality, our Cast It Lite version is available with much of the functionality but not the same price paid by studios.  Student Filmmakers too have access to a Student Account option.

Do you have a great script, and just need to find the actors to bring it to life? Lacking the acting connections in your area to Cast your next project? Let Cast It Talent do the leg work for you. Go to and click on ‘Filmmakers Post Jobs Here.’ Fill out the necessary information for each role that you have, and we will post these Roles on Cast It Talent! Your Roles will be available for submission to any actor on Cast It Talent that has the qualities you are looking for. All submissions through Cast It Talent will generate a link, and will be sent directly to the email address you have provided. Easy, quick, and convenient!

Ask us about promoting your project on Social Media!

We would love to connect with you on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and we would definitely appreciate a visit to the Cast It Talent website. Stop in and tell us what you think!  Start building your online brand with Cast It Talent as the centerpiece.  #RightActorRightJob

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