Get In Touch With Your Higher Self In Masterclass: Lesson 7 – @CastItTalent

larryphotoDon’t Be Late! Lesson 7 is here! Remember, EVERY Lesson is FREE to view with your Cast It Talent registration at either the free Basic level or the paid Pro level. Register here.

This week Larry gives you the most fundamental and essential insight into the heart and soul of every character you will ever play! Masterclass with Larry Silverberg is available to you wherever you are in the world. Join Larry in his online Acting classroom and take your acting to the next level.

How could Session seven of Larry’s Masterclass help you as an actor and as a person?

  • Do you really KNOW your character?
  • Are you meeting your own expectations?
  • Do you feel good about your growth as an actor?

Send Larry your questions and comments in the Contact Form under the class videos. He will answer you directly or possibly in his next class.

I just re-activated my membership to Cast It and am so excited to begin taking your Master Class. I’ve just finished the first session and can’t wait for the next. Your approach is gentle and humane, which really speaks to me. -Michele K., North Hollywood, CA

Loved the video of the human connection, it is so true the invisible thread, and also agree that listening with the ear of you’re heart applies to every actor, and is crucial to feeling the characters and not just running the lines. -Denice R.

Let Masterclass help you in your acting, and in your life.

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