How Does Your Location Affect Your Acting Opportunities?

AskAmyNoWordsAre you interested in a one-on-one workshop with Amy? How does your location affect your Acting opportunities? Surprise, it shouldn’t! Read below to see how YOU can do it yourself! Amy answers these questions and more on this week’s Ask Amy! Each week Amy answers your questions here! Do you need acting technique tips or career advice? Send them

Amy Lyndon is a Celebrity Booking Coach, CEO and Author of “The Lyndon Technique: The 15 Guideline Map To Booking.” She has 40+ Series Regulars, an Emmy Winner, an Imagen Award Winner and 1000’s of Working Actors around the globe all using her Technique. She’s also an Award Winning Actress, Director and Writer currently with 91 IMDB credits and was the CEO – Personal Manager of Gold-Levin Talent for 9 years.

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Hi Amy,
My daughter is Mya and is 10 and would love to take a workshop from you.  We just moved to LA 4 weeks ago, she has an agent as of last Friday, she is taking multiple classes and has booked a few things that I have found her on different acting websites, but she just wants to get her face out there to more people.  If you are offering a class and/or workshop in the near future she would love to attend.
Thank You,
Annie Ross
Hi Annie! Welcome to LA LA Land! The best thing to do for your daughter is to get the book here or on and read it several times together, watch my Technique Online on Vimeo On Demand again and again here and learn the business here  After you have done all of that, call the office 818 760 8501 to get on the list for privates. I wish I had a Mom like you when I was Mya’s age. That was when my dream began… age 10. Let’s do this together. If you want her to succeed, then follow the formula above. A quarter of my 40 Network Series Regulars didn’t have anything when they booked their big job!!
I was wondering if one would have to move to NY or LA in order to have a successful acting career. My name is Cire’ Wise.
Hi Cire’
There’s a ton of work outside of LA and NY. In fact, a ton of people have moved to New Orleans, Texas, North Carolina, and Atlanta. Do the research for the shows that are shooting near your area. Check out the local film schools as well. Call your local Film Commission. You don’t need to be here to work as an actor. I’m sure there’s also local commercials and industrials in your area as well. 
Dear Amy,
My name is Edy, I’m 17 from Romania and in May after graduating high school I’d love to go to an acting college in New York. I wanted to be an actor and to study in New York since I was little, and as time passed this turned into something really serious a genuine plan, inclination and passion. Unfortunately, no matter how much I try to think or to calculate even with a scholarship my mother’s financial situation who’s raising me alone would never cover the school’s tuition and living costs. I’m not even eligible for a student loan because I have no relatives or friends established in USA. So that’s not an option for me. My question for you what should I do from where should I start? Obviously I’d need to move but as far as I’m concerned I need to build up a resume, but how can I do that when I can only get a good agent after some experience or training. I really have no idea what to do anymore or how to try to get one as I said with no experience or training that could help me gain experience and build up a resume. I tried contacting agencies or people from the industry without any result. It’s pretty tough and confusing for me because I know that this is what I want to do and I also know that no other profession would bring me such satisfaction or joy as this one I’m completely aware of the fact that I might never really succeed and how competitive this industry is, but somehow I’m in the position of not even being capable of trying, so I don’t know how or where to orientate myself. I’m so very passionate and determined to finally do something about it and work as hard as I can to achieve a result and not just endlessly wait for the insecure, so if you could help me out or give me an advice I would be the most grateful person because here in Romania pretty much no one can guide me a little or give me an advice about acting in America. I don’t want to sound like I’m too desperate or that I’m using big words but I think it would really a shame to give up on my dream and not even being capable of trying just because I couldn’t pay for acting school. I really hope you’ll get this and see this and be able to respond, and finally thank you very much in anticipation for your time on this long “soul pouring” email :)) !
Hi Edy!
I feel for you. I understand what it’s like to want this dream so bad that you can taste it and the frustration of not knowing what to do is overwhelming. The good news is that you’re just 17! There are tons of films shooting in Russia and all over Europe! You don’t need to be in America to become a film and television sensation. Find out where the local actors go to get jobs and start hanging out with them. Build your resume, save some money, look into a working Visa and believe that you can do it!! You can also write your own film and shoot it on your iphone! Films are being recognized all over the world from just that alone. Stay creative and get out there and do something to make your art come alive.
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