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AskAmyNoWordsWhat happens when your son is not accepted to the BFA program of his dreams? How are you typecast depending on your location? Each week Amy answers your questions here! Do you need acting technique tips or career advice? Send them here:

Amy Lyndon is a Celebrity Booking Coach, CEO and Author of “The Lyndon Technique: The 15 Guideline Map To Booking.” She has 40+ Series Regulars, an Emmy Winner, an Imagen Award Winner and 1000’s of Working Actors around the globe all using her Technique. She’s also an Award Winning Actress, Director and Writer currently with 91 IMDB credits and was the CEO – Personal Manager of Gold-Levin Talent for 9 years.

I have an 18-year-old son who was not called back for a BFA program and he is pretty disappointed. But it seems to me that he needs more training, as the other teens who auditioned had some formal training. We live in rural Florida so there is not a lot of training opportunities nearby. Do you ever come to the southeast to do workshops? If not, can you recommend someone specific? Thank you in advance, Marci Slayton
Hi Marci. So sorry that your son was not called back for the BFA program – I do hope you applied to at least 10 schools. If not, it’s truly fine. Honestly, I have a BFA and if I were to do it all over again, I would have used the money to get to Los Angeles so that I could play high school age longer than I was able to. The good news is that a quarter of my Series Regulars only trained in my Technique. It’s a major misnomer to believe that you need a big time higher education in order to make it in this business. Talent is the key. Just watch Lauren Taylor on “Best Friends Whenever.” She’s one of my many students that learned the technique and applied it without any other teacher, coach or institution. She’s actually onto her second Series Regular. If your son is to go to college then it’s best to go for something more applicable.  BTW: I will be coming to the Southeast sooner than you think. Feel free to learn at home through or get the book or learn from vimeo on demand   
Question: which union has the better health insurance: SAG or AEA. I’m recently divorced and will be going on COBRA. I was previously covered by my Ex’s SAG policy but my main union is AEA and I will have to choose one or the other. Can you give me some guidance? The plans are over 100 pages long and I’m not familiar with following either plan. Thanks
I am not familiar with AEA’s insurance, but SAG is the best in the business. They seem to cover it all. I totally understand about reading the plans. I can hardly handle a manual from IKEA or any other company for that matter. Now a script… well, that’s my jam.
Hi Amy,
I wanted to get feedback in general and  I am in the process of updating my reel from work this year and also re doing accents.In the UK I am cast as either Drugdealer, Terrorist or sterotype Indian. I am aware these opportunties will only help me further to get to do the kind of work I want to do in the long run. 
In LA I had a broader casting scale. Indian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern. 

I would really appreciate your time and advice in areas I need to improve.

I am glad to say I have been busy and learning lots by taking on workshops with casting directors. Watching other actors is a useful tool also.

I think selftape is my weakness and even in auditions my nerves get best of me. And second take is always better.
I’m sad to say that I can’t give feedback on your reel because that’s what I do in my business career seminars and consultations, but what I can address is your nerves in the audition room. You’re picking up the energy in the room because you didn’t do enough homework. Your opening emotion is 90% of your scene. If your emotion is weak then you are sure to feel the energy in the room and fall out. You should be setting up your opening emotion, the environment and know who you’re relating to in the scene on a deep personal level. Get busy telling the story and letting it funnel through you and less busy caring about what anyone thinks about what you are doing. All you should care about is fulfilling the story and sharing it with the world.

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