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AskAmyNoWordsIs an expensive Theatre degree the way to go? How do you get to the US to act? Each week Amy answers your questions here! Do you need acting technique tips or career advice? Send them here:

Amy Lyndon is a Celebrity Booking Coach, CEO and Author of “The Lyndon Technique: The 15 Guideline Map To Booking.” She has 40+ Series Regulars, an Emmy Winner, an Imagen Award Winner and 1000’s of Working Actors around the globe all using her Technique. She’s also an Award Winning Actress, Director and Writer currently with 91 IMDB credits and was the CEO – Personal Manager of Gold-Levin Talent for 9 years.

Hello Amy,
I am 19 and from South Africa and will be performing at the Applause Rising Talent Showcase in Orlando, Florida this year and cannot wait. I will be competing in dance, singing and a couple of acting categories. I was wondering if you have any advice on how to stand out at a showcase with +/- 300 other contestants. I have been working really hard in all the various disciplines to get there and really do my best, but is there any other thing you look for when scouting new talent besides the (obvious) talent?
Also, I have received a partial scholarship to study Musical theatre at the New York Film Academy but it is still very expensive, especially considering the fact that I am from South Africa. I am raising funds but would you consider it worth the money? Thank you and Kind Regards
Zanda Isaacs
Hi Zanda.
Always remember that cream always rises to the top. You are proactive in putting yourself out there. Be the best at everything you do. It’s a competition, so compete at the top of your game. Be your authentic self and make sure you are precise and clear in making your viewer understand what you are saying, doing and feeling.  Regarding the NYFA… can’t truly give a strong assessment whether it’s a good move or not. Get here and make sure you look me up and I can show you how it’s done with your package and accessing your talent.
My parents won’t let me go to college for acting. Can I still be an actress if I don’t get a degree in performing? 
Thanks! (big fan of your blog)
Thank you!
Get your education and take some classes in acting while you are in college. You can also get cast in the film department productions. It’s important to your folks that you have something to fall back on and to get a degree from a reputable college. You can’t fault them for that, but you can finish early and go about your business doing what you want after you become independent and make your own money to live on your own. I graduated with a BFA from Syracuse University and I still did everything I wanted to do. Respect their wishes because you are their little girl.
Hi there,
My name is Miossottys Mora from Ecuador, 22 years old soon 23 and really worry about starting late my career. I have a question for you I really need help.
I study acting here in my country and I really want to try in the US there are more opportunities than here. I’ve done some castings over there but unpaid and once there was one paid but I couldn’t take it because I didn’t have social security.
I have a tourist visa, so I want to know how can I get a working visa or what do I have to do? Get an agent to ask for help? If so, how can I get one that I can trust? Thanks so much for your help.
Miossottys Mora. 
Hi Miossottys! 
The best advice I can give you is to contact Richard Burke and tell him that I sent you. Go to and his website will give you all the information you need to get to the US to work. In the meantime, get training and credits from where you are and never give up on your dream! Age is just a number!!

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