Staying In Touch: The Successful Actor’s Philosophy

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As an Actor, you must develop a philosophy and approach for succeeding in the entertainment business.  Never forget:  this is a business.  Many of the people making decisions are making them purely for business or monetary reasons.  Artistic reasons are often not even in their paradigm or equation for arriving at an ‘executive’ decision.

Your ARTISTIC CAREER is your ‘company’.  You are the ‘product’.  You are also the ‘CEO’.  This can be a difficult or uncomfortable position at times.  But as they say in “The Godfather”, “This is the business we have chosen.”  You must sell yourself.  Sometimes indirectly, sometimes directly.  Do not feel that you have to undermine your integrity as a person or as an Artist.  You do not.  But you do have to understand that you are not only the product, but the salesperson as well.  Sell your good points, minimize your bad points and keep the product in view of the buyer as often as possible.  “Out of sight – out of mind” is not where you want to be when it comes to directors, producers and casting directors.  Stay in touch with people.

Always let people in your industry know when you are in a play, on a TV show, in a film.  Be in touch a couple times per year even when you are not working.  Don’t over do it.  Don’t be a ‘stalker’.  Just stay in touch.

You must build and nurture artistic and business relationships.  They don’t grow, deepen or improve without your effort and your work.  The most important thing is that when you are hired, do your best, most excellent work; and be the best person on the project to work with – warm, friendly and professional.


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