How Do Actors Make Money Between Gigs?

Our Cast It Talent community responded to the request of one of our members, Dave Moak, with a list of jobs that they do to keep their heads above water and still remain

available for the next gig.

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Here are some of the cool jobs our members have that let them continue pursuing the acting dream:

  • Chris Adams: College Student, full time!!!
  • Berti Moso: Hosting Kids Parties dressed up as various Disney Princesses…Mainly Queen Elsa.
  • Michelle Julie Falkam: I sell DVDs in a retail chain.
  • Genevieve Sibayan: I’m a corporate temp, a voice artist and a writer. I run two blogs, one film and one lifestyle and sometimes I work up to 60hrs a week on survival jobs and have to learn scripts on the bus/tube. What I don’t do…Is sleep. I really need some sleep.
  • Elizabeth Ocegueda: Bookkeeping and taking care of my boys.
  • Ashley Poindexter-Tarmy: Homeschool.
  • Donna Gilles St-Jean: I am a sign language interpreter.
  • Shawn Gonzalez: Being an actor there’s no room for being between projects. I’m either working one or looking for more work.  Basically when I’m not working I’m sending headshots/resumes for more.  The hunt never ends.
  • Ketrick Jazz Copeland: I shoot and edit video for small projects, work as an extra on set and sometimes work as a PA on set.
  • Adrian McCool Honner: I just left food and beverage. I’m a full time fitness instructor, I choose my hours and my schedule is flexible so I can go to classes, and obviously grab auditions.
  • Katelyn Nicole: Youth counselor for foster care children.
  • David Margrave: I’ve started my own interior design business, however, I only want that as a side project while acting and dancing is where my heart will always be.
  • Saint Mike: I am a full-time infant to school-age childcare provider for the YMCA. Proud to say I’ve been in the business for 23 years strong:)

Other interesting jobs include: “I rub people’s bodies”, Professional Stargazer, high plains drifter, “stereotypical server”, cook, RN, Techie for a school board, Marketing Director and event model/ambassador, Teacher, Substitute Teacher, Student, Lyft Driver, Uber Driver, Professional Driver, Caregiver, “Firefighter, EMT, heavy equipment operator and most importantly…father”, Voiceover, and…….”sleep.”

And the last word on cool jobs goes to actor, Mike Comis, whose story-telling may be out of this world says, “I’m an astronaut.”

Great Question Dave!!! Thanks, everyone, for sharing your survival gigs!  Hopefully there is something here that inspires another actor to find the right survival gig for them.  Maybe while you’re working that job you’re also adding to your skills and your character libraries.

Break a Leg,

The Cast It Talent Team


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