From Sketch Comedy to the Musician POV, this Week’s Podcast Has It All

Derek+&+Monty+FunnyActors Anonymous, founded by Wesam Keesh, is a podcast that focuses on the Los Angeles actor and the struggles and hardships of their careers, as well as their success stories.

Cast It Talent is proud to sponsor the Actors Anonymous Podcast. We believe that the message promoted by Wesam and Producer, Jordan Burbank helps actors stay unified as a community, navigate the acting world, and stay motivated to reach their goals.  As founder Wesam articulately stated; “Living and working as an actor has showed me that many of my fellow artists waste away years of their lives in a state of negativity, disillusion, and unnecessary competitiveness. This needs to stop if we want to grow as artists, professionals and human beings.” This refreshing, supportive take along with insightful interviews, makes Actors Anonymous a podcast anyone interested in acting should give a listen.


Monty Geer is back! Talking with us about producing his own sketch comedy content and how it’s helped his acting career.  Later, Derek Anthony Gray talks about life as a musician and the struggles and joys of putting in the hard work.  Check out his latest single during the break.

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