Featured Artist Series: Lisa Renée Miller and How to Take Control of Your Career

Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 11.58.33 AMIf you’ve ever felt intimidated but the sheer weight of competition, or been daunted but the odds, this is one for you. As part of our Featured Artist Series, I spoke to Lisa Renée Miller and got the skinny on how she made a career out of nothing.

Lisa Renée Miller, from Detroit, stumbled into acting accidentally. She got her first taste of the business when she was asked to be an understudy for a play. Despite being unfamiliar with the role of an understudy and never having acted before, Lisa agreed and was offered the role a week later. “I’ve never considered myself an artist either,” she says, “but it was something about creating a life from someone else’s head that I truly enjoyed, and I call this art.” Lisa’s newfound enthusiasm was fostered when she auditioned for a second production and got the lead.

Lisa immediately realized how difficult life as a working actor can be. “…being available for opportunities while trying to survive in this industry is a big struggle,” she admitted. But she hit the ground running. For the past five years she has studied at The Actor’s Workshop with Brian Lawrence and Aida Munoz, while continuing to learn from Reuben Yabuku of Buku, her mentor and the director of her second show. Slowly but surely, Lisa immersed herself into her new acting career.

Lisa encountered Cast It Talent after hearing a friend rave about the potential for opportunities. “Cast It Talent has helped me in many ways. I love that the character breakdown is precise and detailed. One of the biggest things that I like is the fact that sides can be emailed to me immediately. I’ve had many opportunities to submit to and audition for, and I believe that it’s only a matter of time before I’m booked!”

Her drive brought her to California, where she is currently staying, and, in her words, “letting God order my steps.” Lisa says she does not have a return ticket. “I’ve been given the tools to move forward, and while I’m standing still and listening I’m continuously honing my craft…My advice to young actors starting out would be to follow their dream. I would tell them that nothing in life comes easy and struggling and pushing through with what they believe in leads to a fruitful outcome…NEVER stop honing your craft because growth is paramount to a successful career.”

I think sometimes it is easy, when we get in a rut or start feeling rusty, to feel like we have fallen behind, that we will never catch up to those more experienced or privileged or educated than we. But as Lisa demonstrates, lack of experience is not insurmountable. I you have the dedication and drive to commit to the business of crafting your career and sharpening your skills, then your future is in your hands. Take a leaf from her book as submit today!


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Rachel Rachel Frawley is an actor living in Atlanta. She holds a B.F.A. in Theatre from Michigan State University (with cognates in Music and Professional Writing) and is an Apprentice Company graduate from the Atlanta Shakespeare Co. She also works as an education artist for local theatres, which have included the Shakespeare Tavern and Aurora Theatre. For more information, visit her website at www.rachelfrawley.com

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