VIDEO – Practicing Improvisation Skills Makes You a Better Actor and Human Being!

Cast It Talent is pleased to present a new take on acting with a focus on kids! Mae Ross and her students from 321 Acting Studios will take a deeper dive into important acting topics like this week’s blog on improv.

Improvisation helps you experience life and its changes with aplomb and is an obvious must for actors. Non-actors at some time in their life should take an Improvisational Acting class.

Improvisation requires you to:

  1. Say Yes, first (survival reptilian brain wants to say NO)
  2. LISTEN, Listen, Listen!
  3. Accept what the other person is saying.
  4. Make eye contact.
  5. Access situations quickly.
  6. Handle the UNEXPECTED with grace.
  7. Adapt FAST.
  8. Think creatively.
  9. Build Self-Confidence.
  10. Make better choices.
  11. Avoid asking questions.
  12. Contribute & move the conversation forward.
  13. Inspire change.
  14. Be a good Speaker.
  15. Formulate ideas.
  16. Influence others.
  17. Make the other person look good.
  18. Be Respectful.
  19. Open Minded.
  20. Respond (rather than react badly).
  21. Embrace being human.
  22. Not perfect.
  23. Move out of your shell.
  24. Be social.
  25. Foster Teamwork.
  26. Share the gift of YOU!

Stay tuned for more blogs and videos from Miss Mae and her students! We will be posting every other week. Interested in 321 Acting Studios? Check out her website and see FREE Acting lessons for Kids, Teens, and Young Adults!

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Mae Ross Starting her professional career at the age of 10, with a 64 city tour of “The Music Man”, Ms. Mae Ross 3-2-1- Acting Studios’ Owner/Artistic Director was born to sing, dance, act, and model. It wasn’t long before she was full swing into a performing career that would take her from National Campaigns, roles on stage, film, and television to producing one of Hollywood’s finest young actors Talent Showcase. Yet her greatest passion in life was still ahead of her… Ms. Mae, as her students fondly call her, is most proud of her 20 years of working with children, teens and young adults to build greater confidence, discipline and to launch successful entertainment industry careers. “I love helping students reach their full potential.” In 2007 Ms. Mae opened 3-2-1- where she continues her life’s passion guiding young actors to develop and showcase their unique talent through her signature Showcase and Acting Career Program.

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