5 Resolutions to Boost Your Acting Career In the New Year

iStock_000026091667_ExtraSmall-300x200New Year, new you, right? While it’s always good to stay on top of your game, we all let things slide. The post-holiday slump is the perfect time to throw yourself back into your acting career with renewed vigor. So to start off the new year right, here are some resolutions that can get you back in the game and ready for pilot season!

1. Revamp Your Online Presence. Are your profiles sporting four-year-old photos? Been a minute since you laid eyes on your website? Now’s the time to get things shipshape before a CD sees them. Go through every aspect of your online presence and update your credits, your photos, your brand. Upload clips, new resumes and headshots. Revisit your reel and make sure it’s current. The holiday lull is a great time to get yourself in fighting form!

2. Submit More. Don’t let the time of year fool you—there are always projects awaiting submission. Keep cranking out those self-tapes, and get a jump on submissions! (Hint, hint: Cast It Talent is a great place to submit for free all year round)! Start by committing to a certain number of submissions a week to get yourself in the habit.

3. Reassess You Representation. Don’t have an agent? Start submitting and participating in showcases/workshops that will get you in front of them. There’s no time like the present! If you’re represented already, now is a great time to reflect on the past year and decide what did and did not work for you. Figure out if there are issues that warrant discussion. Remember, you are part of a partnership, and part of your job is to maintain constructive communication. Resolve to be your own advocate.

4. Headshots. It’s a pain, but current headshots are important. If your look has changed now is a great time to line up headshots and have them ready to go by the time the season heats up.

5. Bulk up on Training. If you’re not taking classes, or are dissatisfied with your current studio, start auditing classes around town and see what might be a good fit. Now would also be an excellent time to start building the special skills portion of your resume—get some combat training, learn to ride a horse, get a dialects coach. Start the new year off by becoming a well rounded artist.

As actors, we must constantly renew our drive and redefine our image. Gather strength from each fresh start. It’s all building on the foundation that will support you throughout your career.


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Rachel Rachel Frawley is an actor living in Atlanta. She holds a B.F.A. in Theatre from Michigan State University (with cognates in Music and Professional Writing) and is an Apprentice Company graduate from the Atlanta Shakespeare Co. She also works as an education artist for local theatres, which have included the Shakespeare Tavern and Aurora Theatre. For more information, visit her website at www.rachelfrawley.com

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