Featured Artist Series: Follow Up With Dylan Prince

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 10.38.30 AMSome of you might remember our previous interview with showcase winner Dylan Prince. In the interest of tracking the growth of a career, we followed up with him to see what he’s been up to.

Since last we chatted, Dylan’s been busy. Last year he booked his first feature film role, which later went on to be purchased by Amazon Studios at Sundance. Just last week he filmed a guest spot in a new Netflix series.

“Winning the Cast It Showcase has had a big impact on my career,” Dylan says. “It taught me the importance of honing my self taping skills and how important and beneficial that can be for the modern actor. Many people that I have interacted with in this industry, from fellow actors to casting directors, routinely say they first heard of me via that Showcase win. It has been a very effective promotional tool.”

Dylan went on to explain that he was able to cast every role for his upcoming short via Cast It. Even though it was a small, local project, he got submissions from actors all over the world.

Asked about his perspective on the trends of auditions and pilot seasons, Dylan said, “I don’t know if my perspective has changed per se, if anything the audition process has become more routine for me over the years. I feel like I have a better understanding of what works, what doesn’t, what to avoid, etc. As far as trends go, I think most actors would agree that the industry has been moving towards the self tape paradigm for pre-reads for some time now. That’s probably why I’ve been seeing Cast It all over the major casting directors’ offices I’ve been to lately. And I most definitely keep up with everything Cast It- open calls, blogs, etc. Most of my self tapes are submitted via Cast It and I’ve gotten some nice callbacks for projects through the online talent searches (Goosebumps, the Mike Tyson biopic to name a few).”

Next up, Dylan plans to film his short this spring, after which he’ll jump straight into finishing development on a web series. Dylan also plans to capitalize on the self-tape trend, teaming up with a fellow actor and filmmaker to start forming a business that will help New York actors assemble taped auditions, monologues, and other recorded performances.

Dylan made the most of the momentum from his showcase win, and was able to use it as a launchpad for other aspects of his career. His story is a fantastic model for actors looking to get their career rolling. It just takes a small win and the tenacity to utilize it to open up opportunities. So if you’ve been thinking about submitting to Cast It’s showcase, (or anything else), now is the time! Now is always the time.

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Rachel Rachel Frawley is an actor living in Atlanta. She holds a B.F.A. in Theatre from Michigan State University (with cognates in Music and Professional Writing) and is an Apprentice Company graduate from the Atlanta Shakespeare Co. She also works as an education artist for local theatres, which have included the Shakespeare Tavern and Aurora Theatre. For more information, visit her website at www.rachelfrawley.com

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