Featured Artist Series: Showcase Winner Diane Samuelson

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 10.38.53 AMYou might not have a defining moment where you can pin-point the start of your dreams and passions, but that isn’t what is relevant. What is, is that you pursue them whole-heartedly, to the very end, like showcase winner Diane Samuelson!

Diane was born and raised in the Northern Virginia/Washington DC area and has lived there her entire life. She can’t put her finger on when her passion for acting began, but growing up with two artistic parents;  her father playing the piano,  and her mother painting and drawing, stirred the flames of her art. “It’s somewhere in my veins, I guess.” As a kid she remembers writing and starring in her own plays and forcing her parents to watch them. She also remembers doing acting related things here and there like going to drama camp. “Acting was just something I was born with, and have always enjoyed doing.”

Diane has always been big on theatre; that is where her love for acting began. And DC is an ideal place for it because DC is big on the theatrical scene. Diane was recently in the play ‘Be Awesome’ – a theatrical mix tape of the 90s, put together by Flying V Theatre. It had a cast of 10 people and there was no script. They developed a story, utilizing the other skills possessed by the actors, like dancing. One of the actors had worked in a circus and had the ability to juggle, another actor had worked as a clown, etc. They tied all these elements together and came up with a script. With a fully flushed script, they rehearsed and performed it (This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever heard)!

Although DC has a big theatre scene, it’s not the ideal place for pursuing an acting career in TV and Film. “New York is just a bus ride away for such opportunities,” said Diane, cheerful and unbothered. Diane first learned about Cast It Talent through an ad on Facebook. Some of her actor friends were on Cast It Talent and so she decided to check it out. She hasn’t looked back since. Diane loves Cast It Talent because it has opportunities that other sites like it do not, like its accessibility and wide reach, especially for those who live far away from the LA hub.

Diane is ecstatic to be the Showcase winner. “I never win anything!” she joked. She finds the Showcase to be most beneficial, stating that the feedback she received was very positive, and it felt great. Diane is certain it will help her career-wise, as it only increases the number of people watching her video and getting to know her. “It’s important to put yourself out there, and to keep doing so.”

Diane also finds it validating for her because she started in theatre and is transitioning to film. The transition can be quite challenging, as the acting style of both mediums are very different. She has gotten a lot of ‘tone it down’ in the past, and that can be quite frustrating when you are used to performing on a larger-than-life scale, but Diane is only grateful for all she has learned as it has only helped her career so far.

It’s back to the theatre for Diane for her upcoming project. She’s going to be in an all female cast of Romeo and Juliette. She’ll be playing Romeo. The play will be performed at the ‘Any Stage Theatre,’ the first weekend in May, in Northern Virginia.

Diane’s goal for the future is to simply keep pursing her passions, and doing what she’s doing! Diane is fascinated by the psychology of people and why they do the things they do, and acting has helped her in understanding people, by embodying these characters and bringing them to life!


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