Featured Artist Series – Rayan Zaim-Sassi

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 1.02.06 PMIt’s that time again…Featured Artist Series time!

Today, for your reading pleasure, we submit the story of young Rayan Zaim-Sassi. Twelve year old Rayan already has a promising career. I spoke with him and his mother Bouchra to get the skinny on jump-starting your career early. Very early.

Rayan Zaim-Sassi was only one and a half years old when he booked his first gig on SNL. Baby Toupee, from which he still collects residuals, was a popular skit, and baby Rayan took to set life like a duck to water. He continued to do well commercially. Bouchra kept him signed with Abrams Artists, and as he got older, Rayan became more engaged and involved with his career. Rayan says he truly knew he wanted to get serious about acting when he was about eight years old, around the time it dawned on him that a career in acting was a real possibility. He got involved with summer theatre above his grade, started taking theatre lessons and improv classes. He began developing his singing and dancing skills.

When auditions for The Jungle Book came up, his agents considered pushing him in a theatrical direction. He was soon submitted for an audition for which he had to speak Arabic. Casting liked him, and asked him to do a different dialect. They gave him a link to Cast It Talent.

“That’s how i first found Cast It, and was amazed,” remembers Bouchra, “…not only am i having a major casting agent consider him….we also have access to other casting agents.”

Rayan and Bouchra continued to hone his craft, sending him to workshops at A Class Act in New York on the weekends. Thankfully, Rayan’s school was and remains very supportive of his career. In return, Rayan works hard to maintain excellent grades.

Rayan continued auditioning, and submitting through Cast It, which has earned him current consideration for a major role. Of the site, Bouchra says, “Overall I think the newsletters are fabulous—Rayan is on Twitter…every time something new is coming up he gets notifications.” She says the responses Rayan has been getting from feedback are overwhelmingly positive. “The last one was ‘we can’t wait to see more work from you.’ And it was just great.”

Both Bouchra and Rayan have are especially excited about Cast It Talent’s package option.

“With Cast It, it just makes it so much easier to find the casting agency you’ve auditioned for in the past,” Bouchra explains, “You can see in your profile view if someone has actually viewed your profile…It’s really good because you can store your whole package—your pictures, your resume, your demo reel..you don’t have to go searching.”

Yet Rayan is actively searching for the next step in his career, planning on taking more challenging classes, gunning for feature films and recurring roles. His tireless attitude is inspired by his acting heroes, among which he lists Justin Timberlake. “He’s like a triple threat,” enthuses Rayan, “he’s one of my music idols, he’s always uplifting in all the movies he does.”

Rayan is becoming quite the role model himself. I asked him what advice he might have to other kids and teens trying to get a jump on their career. He urges them try not to get discouraged. “A lot of time [rejection] is about your look. The rejection part isn’t going to make or break you.”

He further advises becoming a well rounded person. Rayan says it is important to have balance.

Variety is one of the many things that attracted him to this career in the first place. When asked what his favorite thing about acting was, he said, “Just getting to meet all the different people and getting to be someone new all the time…it’s always going to be different and that’s what I love.”

Rayan is a perfect encapsulation of the themes we often see in our featured artist series. Cast It Talent is working for them because they put the work in themselves. These are the artists taking classes, getting the feedback, submitting consistently. Your career is what you make of it, and so far, Rayan is paving his own road to success.

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