Featured Artist Series: Showcase Winner Aimee Duroux

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 12.00.48 PMAimee Duroux is an Australian actress and this year’s showcase winner! She first got into acting in Elementary School but it wasn’t until she was the lead at a school musical, when she was 13, that she seriously started considering acting as a career.

Aimee lived in the US for a few short months, in New York City, while studying at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, on a scholarship. She’s also visited Los Angeles a number of times, the most recent was in November of last year, for an acting program. But Aimee ultimately still lives in Queensland, Australia, and is such a hard worker. Despite having three regular jobs; an acting teacher at a performing arts studio, a waitress at an events centre and working in customer service at a fashion label, Aimee still finds the time to pursue her career wholeheartedly, through its plenty ups and downs.

Aimee is one busy lady! And she is extraordinarily versatile. Her passion for her work is seen through the projects she tirelessly embarks on. And, her utilization of the skills she possesses has by far transcended conventionality; Commercials, Theatre, Film… are only a few of the things she simultaneously works on.

Her latest commercial was for the Queensland Government, and it was distributed online.  “For a while, it seemed like every website I logged onto, my face was there!” Aimee said.  Some of her body of work for Film and TV include: Hoges, an Australian TV series, Australia Day, Emporium, Home Invasion, and Double.

On the theatrical side: ‘Legally Blonde, the Musical,’ ‘Curtains,’ ‘Footloose,’ ‘Grease,’ ‘Seussical, the Musical.’ and ‘The Train Tea Society.’

Aimee has also written, produced and starred in a short film named, “When One Door Closes.” It is currently making its way around festival circuits in Australia. She has also written two plays, and one of her plays is about to premiere as part of a theatre festival in Australia. It’s called “Signs,” and it is produced by Vacant Collective. The second one was written for her students to perform, she also directed it.

Aimee is also big on Web Series. She’s currently playing the lead in a web series called The Misadventures of Tinderella.  And at the moment, she is converting a play she had written into a web series, with the aid of some of her friends, called Three’s A Crowd. She will be producing, writing and starring in it!

Aimee was privileged to be on the set of Thor: Ragnarok. She recounts that the experience was “informative, exhausting and amazing!”

Aimee heard about Cast It Talent through an ad on Facebook. She appreciates Cast It for the feedback and open call features she’s getting. She’s been able to submit the work she’s done to industry professionals, and get constructive criticism back on it. She’s also applied for a few open audition calls, and of course, she’s a Showcase Winner! “[It’s] such a great opportunity to audition, network, and get a bit of a confidence boost.”

Aimee is proud of all the training and work she has done so far; she’s grateful for the opportunities she’s had across film, television and theatre, “But there’s always room for more,” she says. Aimee intends to branch out into Hollywood eventually. “I LOVE the States and the opportunity it provides for this industry.” If all things go well, she plans to be in the States by middle to end of next year, at the latest. “It won’t be easy, of course, because of visa and financial requirements, but it is something I am willing and eager to tackle in pursuit of my dreams.”

Aimee’s short term industry goal is to aim to do something every day that makes her better at her craft. Whether it’s simply watching a two minute interview with an actor, really engaging and listening in a conversation, reading a book, or learning a script, as long as she is honing her craft, it’s good enough for her.

Her long term goal is to just keep on learning and growing, as she auditions, works and lives in LA. Her ultimate dream is to someday work on the Warner Bros lot. She’s taken the studio tour three times and it always leaves her so inspired (and jealous!) “I really love this industry and want to play a part in it.” For her it’s more about having the opportunity to work and do what she loves, than it is about recognition.

Her parting advice to aspiring actors: “Do it because you love it. Work hard, make bold choices, ask questions and never give up on yourself.” Wise words from a multi-talented and highly versatile individual, who exemplifies this message every day.


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