Aimee Gets a Career Advice Skype Sesh with Actor Brendan Robinson!

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 2.58.56 PMThe acting business is rough. As in, like, really rough.


While it’s easy to find plenty of examples of actors who have achieved big success—just turn on your tv!—navigating the career path to your own success can be a very different story. You probably have about a million questions… Just once, wouldn’t you love to be able to call up one of these working actors and just ASK?


Luckily, this is exactly what happened recently for Aimee Duroux, an Australian actress who won Cast It’s February/March Showcase, followed by our acting tips video contest. For the latter, she received a free Skype session with Brendan Robinson (the actor from the hit tv show, Pretty Little Liars!!), during which she could ask all about acting, auditioning, career advice, etc, to her heart’s content. A few days ago, we got the chance to catch up with her again and find our how it went!


Q: So…what did you think of your Skype session with Brendan??

Aimee: So valuable! Brendan was so open and generous with sharing information about his experiences and the industry in LA. It was incredibly motivating to know that Brendan is someone who had to move from his hometown in order to pursue his passion—something I am likely to do in the future.
Q: What do you think was the most interesting or useful thing that you learned?

A: Brendan stressed the importance of self-made work and diving into other fields that support acting. Whether they be writing, directing, producing, it’s always a good idea to have skills that can be used across multiple outlets within the entertainment industries. Having a good network of friends/people also helps in those creative pursuits.


Q: Definitely true! So, did you learn anything that was particularly eye-opening or unexpected?

A: In terms of auditions and their frequency, the Australian scene does not compare to LA. I love the work that is created in Australia,  but it became very apparent that there are just far more opportunities available in the US. Brendan said that during a good week, it wasn’t uncommon to have two or three auditions in one day. That concept is so foreign to me, because here in Australia there isn’t that high of a demand for actors as what there is in LA.


Q: That makes sense… So then, how do you think this advice might impact your upcoming career moves?

A: I am so incredibly inspired. The US market is one I desperately want to work in and after gaining a little bit of insider insight, I’m even more determined to turn that dream into a reality. After winning the Cast It Talent Monthly Showcase in February, I was feeling really inspired to extend my pool of networks in the US. I’m currently on the hunt for US management representation.


Q: Awesome to hear! As an actor, what is your background like?

A: I have a Bachelor of Creative Industries degree, majoring in Drama, Media & Communication. I’m also a graduate of the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts and the Brisbane Academy of Musical Theatre. Some of my film/tv credits include: Thor: Ragnarok, Hoges, Emporium, Home Invasion, Australia Day, When One Door Closes. I’m also an acting teacher at a performing arts school—and I love it.


Q: What do you think are some of the biggest differences between the industry in Australia vs. Los Angeles?

A: As said above, the difference in opportunity is incredible. There’s more finance put into productions in LA too. Screen Queensland here in Australia has brought in some massive films lately (Thor: Ragnarok, King Kong, Aquaman) so that’s been amazing for the Australian industry. I think there’s more comedy produced in the US too. I absolutely LOVE performing comedy so would like to see more of those projects produced here in Australia.
Q: Alright, so now the million dollar question… Do you ever plan on moving out to LA to continue pursuing your career??

A: A resounding YES!


Congrats again, Aimee, and we look forward to watching your career just get better and better!


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