VIDEO – 4 Expert Commercial Audition Tips: Part 2

Hi, I’m Mae Ross the owner/director of We are an acting school for children, teens and young adults in Los Angeles.  I am excited to bring you another article and video edition of:

How to audition “Tips and Quips” with Mae Ross

Here are 4 tried and true tips that will make you stand-out at your next commercial audition:

1. PEP TALK: When standing on your mark, preparing to perform, pretend someone behind the camera has just said to you, “Wow, you look great today.” This will boost your confidence and make you feel good.

2. BEFORE MOMENT: Before the camera rolls, ask yourself what did your character just do? And create an action that your character does Just BEFORE the scene begins. This will heighten your reality so when you start the scene it will be more believable to you and the viewer.

3. STICK to the SCRIPT: Most commercial advertisers want you to stick to the script. The copy has been written to cover in 30 seconds or less, the best aspects of the product. This means they have approved each word very carefully and every word is important.

4. AFTER MOMENT: Add a ‘BUTTON” at the end of the script.  A button is some type of action that is not part of the written script that you add to the end, as a way of finalizing the scene. It could be a few words, some body movement or a facial expression that shows off your unique style and personality.

In commercial-land all your problems are solved. You get the guy or girl, your hair, body and breathe smell good, your food cravings get satisfied, you get the cool car, your clothes get clean and you make tons of money etc. So, remember to have fun! I mean isn’t this why you became an actor in the first place because you love it!


I will be back again with more “Tips and Quips.” Until then enjoy Cast It Talent and all the goodies this site has to offer.


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Mae Ross Starting her professional career at the age of 10, with a 64 city tour of “The Music Man”, Ms. Mae Ross 3-2-1- Acting Studios’ Owner/Artistic Director was born to sing, dance, act, and model. It wasn’t long before she was full swing into a performing career that would take her from National Campaigns, roles on stage, film, and television to producing one of Hollywood’s finest young actors Talent Showcase. Yet her greatest passion in life was still ahead of her… Ms. Mae, as her students fondly call her, is most proud of her 20 years of working with children, teens and young adults to build greater confidence, discipline and to launch successful entertainment industry careers. “I love helping students reach their full potential.” In 2007 Ms. Mae opened 3-2-1- where she continues her life’s passion guiding young actors to develop and showcase their unique talent through her signature Showcase and Acting Career Program.

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