VIDEO—Tips: How to work with products at Commercial Auditions

Hello again! Mae Ross, here from in Los Angeles. Today’s video tips have to do with how best to work with products when you are asked to “hold” them at auditions.

The example in the video is holding a box of Mac ‘n Cheese. Here are my very practical technical tips:

  1. The product IS “manna from God”. Commercial land is happy land your problems are solved. After you use the advertiser’s product think how has the product made you feel? clean, sexy, satisfied, powerful, happy, etc.? When you use their product; you get the guy the girl, your breath is perfect, your clothes are cleaned, you get the best job etc. Oh, with Mac n Cheese you hunger gets satisfied!!
  2. Hold the product in front of your shoulder high enough so camera can get a close up.
  3. Make sure the label is showing.
  4. Hold it straight and as you deliver lines HOLD THE PROCDUCT STILL. It is harder than you think.
  5. During your performance do look a few times (lovingly) at your product.
  6. Don’t “talk” to the product. Glance at it and then return your eyes to deliver your lines to camera.
  7. Once you have introduced the product DO NOT PUT it back down again. Keep it on-camera otherwise the clients think the actor must not like the product. It’s a psychological thing.
  8. HAVE FUN! A product sells better when the actor is having a great time.


Good luck out there!

Ms. Mae Ross CEO


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