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7 Tips to Summon Tears

Getting called upon to portray a wide range of emotions is all part and parcel to the actor gig. But some emotions are more difficult to access than others. Tears, in particular, can be an intimidating challenge. While an organic moment is always preferable to canned tears, sometimes a script will explicitly demand that an […]


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5 Surefire Ways to Tank an Audition (And How to Avoid Them)

Man showing thumbs down sign

In a career that often seems subjective and ruled by the idiosyncrasies of those in power, avoiding audition pitfalls can seem like an impossible task. The good news is, there are certain things almost no one wants to see in your audition. The better news is, I’m going to tell you how to avoid them! […]


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[VIDEO]: Allow Things To Affect You – Acting Tips with David Strasberg


“Just because there are lines (on a page), it has to trigger YOU somehow.  You see those things and it leaves you open to what’s possible for you.” Lee Strasberg was a seminal acting teacher and his Method Acting technique remains alive at the Institute in West Hollywood: the only source that delivers Strasberg’s teaching […]


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Top Ten Finalists For Our Oct/Nov Cast It Showcase


KUDOS ARE IN ORDER!!! Ladies and Gentlemen, your Cast It Showcase Top Ten finishers!!!! Give ’em some love and stay tuned for our Top Performer as chosen by our casting panel and who will receive, Feedback and US $500!!! October-November Showcase Top 10 in NO particular order: Breeze Woodson Jonathan Medina Brett Geddes Heather Fusari Rebekah […]


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What Part Can Social Media Play In Your Career?

hand and phone

Social media is a way of life and should not, and cannot be avoided.  It’s worth looking at the pros and cons of social media in your career.   NUMBER OF FOLLOWERS A big question seems to be, “does it matter how many followers I have?”  “Will I get more auditions or book more commercials […]


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​VIDEO – 7 Tips on How to Select a Child Actor’s Monologue

1. Length should beabout a minute long. 2. Understand it is a collaborativeprocess. Get child’s agreement. 3. ​Match monologue to child’s personality. What is their type? Energetic, emotional, silly, demanding etc. ​4. Choose an “active” monologue. Pursing an objective. Child wants to get something from the person he is talking too. 5. Self-contained not waiting for other actor to […]


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VIDEO – Acting Is… Morgan Freeman – “Just Getting Started”

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 11.43.41 AM

Acting WAS letting others control your Acting career. Acting IS… taking control and creating your dream career now. The brilliant Morgan Freeman shares his advice with struggling actors and his own moments of doubt throughout his career. Acting Is… is our new video series that provides insight from stars and insiders about what it takes to create your […]


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TRAINING SENSORY: Let the Mask Break – Acting Tips with David Strasberg

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In our weekly series, Cast It Talent is proud to bring you the wisdom and work of the great Lee Strasberg as shared by his son, David Strasberg, Creative Director and CEO of the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. David Lee Strasberg gives his best advice for international actors trying to make a career in Los […]


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