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Extras, Co-Stars, and Guest Stars: What’s What?


So you’re just breaking into the “business” and you’re ready to get your name out there and audition for things. Right away you’re going to hear a lot of different terms thrown around, some of which may be new and unfamiliar to you. In the world of television, two of the most common terms you’ll […]


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Staying Grounded: No One Likes a Diva!


Recently, the internet was all abuzz after a well-known actress got arrested for disorderly conduct in Atlanta. The attention she received was not largely attributed to her drunken stumbling. Rather, it was because she allegedly asked the police officer who’d stopped her and her husband if he knew who she was and if he understood […]


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Watching Out for Scams, Part II: Everything Else


In part one of this series, we explored some tips on how to protect yourself from getting taken advantage of when finding representation. The same sort of vigilance can go a long way when looking at casting directors, acting coaches, and workshops, as well. So, in addition to last week’s warning signs for talent agencies, […]


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Watching Out for Scams, Part I: Talent Agencies


We’d like to think in the entertainment community all of us are out there to help and support one another. After all, everyone is on a similar path and we all know what it’s like to be passionate about our craft. Unfortunately, just like any other industry, there are people out there who are looking […]


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Beating the Butterflies: How to Combat Nerves in an Audition


It’s natural to be nervous when you have a big audition coming up. The feeling of the butterflies in the stomach, the excessive breathing, forgetting what you’re about to say, clammy hands, sweat . . . we have all stared nervousness down one time or another. An audition room is a scary thing–you’re faced with […]


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Is Acting the Right Choice for My Child?


Recently, child actors have come to the forefront of the acting community. It’s no longer all supporting roles in romantic comedies or a TV show on Nickelodeon:acting can now be an “official” career for a young person, and it doesn’t have the stigma attached to it that it once did. For example, Beasts of the […]


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Welcome to Pilot Season!


It’s here! The dreaded (and loved) pilot season is upon us. Very soon you, as the eager actor, will be receiving endless auditions for the numerous pilots the networks have snatched up this year (for more on how to nail these auditions, see “Auditioning Your Personality”) . Pilot season is tremendously stressful for all of […]


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Coping With Rejection


You’ve got the agent, you’ve got the headshots, you’ve got a professional demo reel and your resume is proudly on your agency’s letterhead. Your agent and manager are successfully selling you to casting directors and producers and you’re getting in the room several times a week for a variety of projects—television, film, web series and […]


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How to Market Yourself as a Professional Actor


These days, being a professional actor doesn’t necessarily mean fancy credits on your resume and paparazzi following you around town. As Hollywood expands past Los Angeles with the use of the internet and other modern technologies, anyone can be the actor they want to be. It often comes down to attitude, confidence and perseverance. The […]


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Acting in Comedy vs. Drama: What’s the difference? Is one more important than the other?


Throughout your career, you’re going to be faced with all sorts of projects to read for—short films, feature films, television, theatre, etc. Of course, under these types of mediums, there are genres that separate projects—and most of the time, the two main genres you will be faced with are comedy and drama. Of course, there […]


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