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Aimee Gets a Career Advice Skype Sesh with Actor Brendan Robinson!

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The acting business is rough. As in, like, really rough.   While it’s easy to find plenty of examples of actors who have achieved big success—just turn on your tv!—navigating the career path to your own success can be a very different story. You probably have about a million questions… Just once, wouldn’t you love […]


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Get In Touch With Your Higher Self In Masterclass: Lesson 7 – @CastItTalent

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Don’t Be Late! Lesson 7 is here! Remember, EVERY Lesson is FREE to view with your Cast It Talent registration at either the free Basic level or the paid Pro level. Register here. This week Larry gives you the most fundamental and essential insight into the heart and soul of every character you will ever play! Masterclass with Larry Silverberg […]


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Valerie Menzel: Carving

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To many young actors embarking on their careers, New York and LA can seem like the only options. If you really want to make it, you have to choose one, or both, because God knows you will never get seen in any other square inch of this artistically barren, Philistinic Hellscape of a country. Right? […]


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From the Cast It Talent BLOG Vault – Misconceptions About The Working Actor


Cast It Talent isn’t for actors who like to sit by the phone or wait in the soda fountain to be discovered.  Cast It Talent is for actors who recognize the value of the tools we provide and uses them to submit themselves, create their own projects, deliver a professional virtual package, and take their […]


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International Actors: Part II


In Part I of Advice for International Actors, we covered some of the basic fundamentals that all international actors should be aware of if they are serious about pursuing a career in Hollywood. Let’s say you’ve been working on the aforementioned topics for the past couple of years now. You’re pretty good with English, you […]


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Advice for International Actors: Part I


We’ve already written a good number of articles focusing on regional actors (check out, for example, Regional Actors: How to Successfully Utilize Social Media or Regional Actors! How to Get Noticed by Casting Directors)–U.S. actors that don’t actually live in New York or Los Angeles. However, the American entertainment industry is not just relegated to domestic […]


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Open Call Submission Tips


Open Calls are a fantastic opportunity for actors who may not normally get to be seen to demonstrate their talent and (hopefully) get hired. Because the potential pay-off of doing well in an open call is so great, you want to be sure to make the most of the opportunity you are being afforded. Here are […]


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How to Make the Perfect Audition Video


We are currently living in a time during which more and more aspects of our lives are going wireless, and the entertainment industry is no different. It is becoming increasingly common for actors to submit homemade videos for auditions, auditions which can be tremendously beneficial career opportunities . . . that is, if the videos […]


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A Cast It Success Story: Part 1

Jonathan Daniel Brown was discovered through a Cast It Talent open call.

Online submissions to open calls are the way to go these days. It is quick, simple, no travel required, plus actors can perfect their auditions before submitting. For both actors and casting directors alike, it is very cost effective and time efficient to utilize the option of video submissions. Casting directors like video submissions because […]


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How to Choose Materials for Your Child Actor


Kids who aspire to be actors and are truly interested in doing it professionally work extremely hard at their craft. In an industry where youth is coveted and kids are getting more and more intense, adult oriented content (it’s not all kids movies and Disney Channel shows anymore), it’s important to be aware of what your […]


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