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Essentials for the Actor Go Bag


We’ve all been there. That spontaneous meet and greet, the audition where someone unexpected shows up, and you get asked the million-dollar question: “Do you have another headshot?”   If you know the sinking feeling that accompanies a shameful “no,” you know how important it is to always carry extra headshots on you. But what […]


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Make it Sparkle: Why Talent isn’t Enough in the Audition Room and What to Do About it


It’s a hard truth of the acting business that talent will only get you so far. Unfortunately, talent is only one of many, many factors that play into the casting decisions. Some of them you can control, some you can’t. But today we’re focusing on that elusive quality that makes you pop once you get […]


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A Guide to Out of Town Auditions


The work doesn’t always come to you. There are theatre and film opportunities nationwide (indeed, worldwide). Keep an eye out. Why limit yourself to your immediate community? If the right out of town audition comes along, however, it will take some preparation. Here’s a quick and dirty guide to traveling for an audition.   Is […]


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Get that On Camera Glow on a Shoestring Budget


It’s a fickle, shallow world we live in, and you and I have chosen to spend our lives pursuing one of the ficklest and shallowest professions. Which shows excellent judgment and not even a smidge of insecurity all around. Ahem.   Feeding the beast can seem like a Sisyphean task that eats up your time, […]


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How to Crank Out a Decent Self Tape Under the Worst Circumstances


On the best of days, you can book a taping with a studio you trust, with an actor friend who has professional equipment, and you will have all the elements of a killer self tape neatly arranged. But not all days are created equal. Sometimes it’s a rush job, a deadline in a matter of […]


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​VIDEO – 7 Tips on How to Select a Child Actor’s Monologue

1. Length should beabout a minute long. 2. Understand it is a collaborativeprocess. Get child’s agreement. 3. ​Match monologue to child’s personality. What is their type? Energetic, emotional, silly, demanding etc. ​4. Choose an “active” monologue. Pursing an objective. Child wants to get something from the person he is talking too. 5. Self-contained not waiting for other actor to […]


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When Does Your Audition Actually Begin?


Thanks to the folks at Cast it, I was invited to interview on the Acting Up Radio Show with Will Roberts. One of the questions he asked was, ‘when does the actor’s audition really begin?’  Great question! I’ve been thinking a lot about the answer and here’s what I believe: your audition begins when you […]


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VIDEO – Acting Is… In Search of Fellini Premiere

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 11.51.57 AM

Acting WAS letting others control your Acting career. Acting IS… taking control and creating your dream career now. Jeff Locker interviews the stars of the new feature film In Search of Fellini. They share their best audition tips, how they combat stage fright and audition jitters, and how to shift your film ideas into realities. Acting Is… is our […]


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