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So You’ve Been “Dropped”: What it Means for Your Self Esteem and, More Importantly, Your Career


“I’m sorry,” your agent says (but they don’t sound sorry at all!), “we’re going to have to drop you. It’s just not working out.” Being dropped sounds just as awful as it is—it means, simply, that your agent and/or manager has decided to “drop” you from their roster. This could be for many reasons: they’ve […]


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How to Send an Unsolicited Submission


Getting an agent/manager is an often tricky thing. Although most boutique-level companies have a pretty open submission policy (usually consisting of mailing/emailing your submission package), pretty much every upper-tier company (the places that you want to get into) have the dreaded “no unsolicited submissions” policy. In case you’re new to the acting world, when a […]


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The Role of the Casting Director

Casting By- A Feature Documentary by Tom Donahue With Martin Scorsese, Woody Allen, Clint Eastwood, Glenn Close, Robert Duvall, Jeff Bridges, Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Diane Lane, Jon Voight, Bette Midler and John Travolta

The casting director is the first key personnel (or “key” in industry terms) hired when a film is in pre-production. The casting director, or CD, usually has ten or twelve weeks of uninterrupted time with the director to set the cast. This is the director’s first and potentially most important creative collaboration before he/she works […]


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Costumes in the Audition: To Dress, or Not To Dress?


As a professional actor, there are certain rules that one must follow, such as bring your headshot and resume with you to every audition, arrive early, etc. There are some rules an actor may not be sure of, however, such as to dress in costume or not to dress in costume, and how far is […]


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Doing the Impossible: Getting an Agent


While it’s not impossible to be cast in major projects without an agent, it is significantly more likely and easier with the help of an agent and talent agency. To understand why it’s easier to get auditions with the help of an agent, it’s important to understand what an agent actually does. Agents work for […]


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Why Actors Get Dropped

By: Kyle Dean Entertainment news is constantly littered with stories about actors leaving their representation, to move to another. Of course this isn’t a surprise, as talent agencies (especially the top tier ones) are constantly trying to poach clients from one another. However, one common misconception here is that actors have all the power in […]


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Building Your Reputation

It’s a fact in Hollywood that an actor’s ‘name value’ is a powerful currency. Although becoming a big recognizable name is pretty much every actor’s goal, it is no easy feat and can take years, if it happens at all. However, one valuable actor tool that you can begin building immediately is your reputation. Your […]


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